Lockdowns Don’t Work

Even AP has had to recognize: lockdowns do absolutely nothing to contain COVID.

Nearly a year after California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered the nation’s first statewide shutdown because of the coronavirus, masks remain mandated, indoor dining and other activities are significantly limited, and Disneyland remains closed.

By contrast, Florida has no statewide restrictions. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has prohibited municipalities from fining people who refuse to wear masks. And Disney World has been open since July.

Despite their differing approaches, California and Florida have experienced almost identical outcomes in COVID-19 case rates.

Florida, mind you, has a huge elderly population that other states lack.

There are other things in life, however, than COVID case rates. California shattered its economy and made kids and parents extremely miserable while not making any difference on COVID.

There are other examples in the article, too. We’ve conducted a gigantic experiment worldwide and demonstrated what was always known. Lockdowns, masks, all of it has absolutely no effect on the spread of flu-like viruses. You can make yourself less prone to suffering adverse effects of the virus (get your weight down, exercise, get a lot of fresh air and sunlight) but you can’t stop the spread. You can maybe delay for a bit but not stop it. The good news is that it’s highly survivable even for 90-year-olds. 95% of people over 85 who get it survive.

I can’t believe I’m still writing this in 2021.

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