A Better AOC

While Bernie Sanders went completely down the drain post-election, AOC dramatically improved. She spoke out in support of Tibet in Congress, supported the calls for Cuomo’s resignation, and mentioned that Cuomo had concealed the numbers of the dead retirees. For a Democrat, this is huge.

That’s a positive trend.

3 thoughts on “A Better AOC

  1. Sounds like AOC and Cuomo belong to warring factions of the Democrats.

    If that is the case, I wouldn’t say that it is a positive trend, but rather a hit.


    1. ” AOC and Cuomo belong to warring factions of the Democrats”

      Different generations… Cuomo’s a boomer and AOC a millenial.

      Sanders (silent generation) was trying to bridge the generational gap but was sabotaged by the democratic establishment and so it’s all out warfare between the millenials and boomers. It manifests in different ways among different people but that’s a very big part of the puzzle.

      Biden is actually the first silent gen president…. but has sided with the boomers and the gerontocratic democratic establishment.


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