Third-world Subservience

I have read a whole flyer distributed by a scholarly association and written in the vein of “lxs autorxs contactadxs por nosotrxs.” There is no better example of colonial subservience than this. Stupid Anglo wokes think your language is inferior to theirs, and you eagerly celebrate their ignorance and prejudice.

Poor underfunded scholars from third-world Hispanic countries are willing to do anything to get Massa to smile kindly in their direction. So they parrot the “lxs autorxs cxmx Cxrvantxs” because God forbid they grow some balls and say, “hey, bastard, you haven’t invaded us enough and installed vicious dictatorships enough? Now you want to teach me how to speak my language?”

I’ll be giving a talk on the ethical aspects of US-Latin America relations to the local Ethics Society, and I’m not going to have any shortage of material.

2 thoughts on “Third-world Subservience

  1. I’d like to see that, I’d love to see the stupid white liberals when they’re so confused their heads explode. This is why I get along with conservatives, liberals have spoken to me in slow English when they hear my name because they think I can’t speak English when I was born and raised here in the US with an Anglophilic father.

    Plus conservatives aren’t surprised by my taste in books or music, liberals seemed shocked that I listen to rock music and have read all of Bulfinch’s Mythology and Homer in Chapman’s translation. Apparently Latino peoples cannot possibly comprehend Classical Mythology or listen to very Anglo indie rock, we must all listen to Daddy Yankee and Pitbull and complain about white people 😤


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