The Corporate Liz

And here’s a little gift for the good folks who supported Elizabeth Warren:

If you know Californians who support the recall (and I do), the naked cynicism of calling them “extreme right wing” is astounding. Most of those people are simply desperate parents who can’t watch their kids suffer in Zoom school any more and small business owners who have lost their livelihood. To rag on them after you’ve robbed them blind and harmed their children, you’ve really got to be a disgusting human being.

On the positive side, there’s no need to bemoan Bernie’s and Warren’s loss anymore. They are lying corporate evildoers. Screw them from here to hell.

2 thoughts on “The Corporate Liz

  1. On the positive side, this is causing a lot of people to wake up and look closely at the Democratic establishment. A look that is highly overdue!

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  2. I might be wrong, but I think Bernie’s wokeness is an attempt to bridge the generation gulf…. (using the words and expressions of your interlocutors to build rapport).
    Warren’s just another neoliberal grifter…

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