Feminist Awakening

It’s not all bad, though. Like the Russian invasion helped Ukrainians finally feel some national pride and solidarity and start rebuilding the country to stick it to the invaders, the assault on the concept of biological sex pushed feminists to find a real cause to fight for.

The feminist on Tucker’s show said that officially accepting that there’s no biological sex and everybody is the “gender” they say they are will have gigantic consequences. Imagine what it would do to crime statistics, for instance. There are already baffling reports from other countries about a woman who raped three women or a female daycare worker who sexually assaulted a kid. After a lot of digging, you find out that these “women” are huge, scary dudes.

Several battered woman shelters have already had to close down because they refused to admit men. These are serious, serious issues. It’s not some ridiculous drama of the #MeToo type.

Imagine what it will do to medical research. How can you conduct research on health issues if you aren’t allowed to notice that these issues can be very different based on biological sex. And there’s a lot of stuff like that. And finally I’m seeing a lot of women wake up from a stupor and say, “wait, what?” It’s really good.

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