Where Have the Feminists Gone?

Who could have possibly thought that the only place on TV where a hard-core feminist would be able to talk about the need to protect the sex-based rights for women and girls would be the Tucker Carlson show? And the host would gush about how important and brilliant she is.

It was such a breath of fresh air to hear the feminist (unfortunately, I didn’t catch the name) on Tucker’s show. Unlike the media-approved “feminists,” she wasn’t a weepy wilting flower endlessly bleating about her “trauma” but a normal person.

The right is now the home to feminists, anti-war folks, and people who distrust the Big Pharma and criticize corporate abuses. It’s also the only place where you can discuss labor rights.

One thought on “Where Have the Feminists Gone?

  1. It’s crazy, inn’it? I can still remember when Ryan T Anderson, author of “When Harry Became Sally” of Amazon cancel fame, hosted a panel of five feminists at the Heritage Foundation a couple of years ago because, even though they disagreed profoundly on a lot of issues, that was the only place that would give them a platform from where to air their views.

    That it has had to come to this is something I would never have imagined when, forty years ago in London, I started getting involved with what, then, was still called the Gay Liberation Movement. I am no longer “Gay” now, just homosexual, and disagree with everything the “LGBT” movement stands for today. Again, not something I expected would ever happen.


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