Biden and Putin

People are so gullible.

Biden called Putin a murderer! Putin challenged Biden to a debate! Such a great own!

What do you think matters to Putin more, this childish name-calling or that Biden is making gas prices skyrocket removed the ban on Russia and China selling weapons to Iran, and rolled over on Nordstream 2?

Yes, Putin is stupid but he isn’t as stupid as the folks who think words are magical and matter more than actions.

Biden is pro-Putin because his actions are. Nothing but actions matters.

3 thoughts on “Biden and Putin

      1. “Some 20 companies — mainly insurers — reportedly bailed out of the project in response to US sanction warnings.”

        These are tangible results. Regarding this pipeline I don’t see any difference from what the Trump admin did.

        The Alaska Chinese-US summit also has demonstrated the Biden administration is taking a strong stance against China and things won’t go back to the way they were before Trump. Once again, no much difference there other than Biden actually wants to get allies on-board to contain China, which is a much better approach than going at it alone.


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