Timely Escape

In some schools in Canada, children were forced to watch TV while eating lunch to prevent them from talking to each other.

This is a recipe for childhood obesity, depression, and eating disorders.

These bastard teachers are torturing children with glee.

Thank you, sweet Lord in heaven, that I escaped from Canada in time.

10 thoughts on “Timely Escape

  1. This is cruel to kids, I’ve seen this while subbing. Not only are the kids six feet apart, wearing masks and behind plastic shields, they can’t talk to each other or borrow anything from each other. And I was the sort of kid who would read during lunch, but this is cruel and inhuman to most kids. Kids who want to should be able to socialize, this is going to make them fat and crazy


  2. A Russian Campaign against reading:

    // Новые правила продажи книг категории «18+» вступили в силу в магазинах России

    Впрочем, иногда случаются и накладки. Например, когда приходят несовершеннолетние студенты-первокурсники, а нужное учебное пособие или художественное произведение по литературе имеет максимальный возрастной ценз.

    From this good lj post:

    И еще раз о триггерах и рейтингах

    Btw, what is your personal policy? From which age would you let Klara read any book she may pick up?


    1. I tried showing videos about Central American gangs in class yesterday, and YouTube drove me nuts, demanding proof of age. There’s no violence but there are some bad words. So annoying.

      I won’t censor Klara’s book reading. What am I, the USSR?


      1. I don’t know why people think I’m a controlling mother. I let her eat what she wants, wear what she wants. She’s been playing outside unobserved since she was 4. Even at church I let her run around like crazy, making babushkas seethe. They can’t say anything because the priest loves hearing kids make noise. He says it makes the church sound alive.

        I’ve let her climb anything she wanted since she was old enough to stand on her feet. She plays with my jewelry and my medals, tries on my clothes and borrows my makeup. I’m the least controlling mother I know.


    1. I can’t avoid noticing the word “report.” In my generation, a guy would rather cut off his penis and eat it than report he hasn’t had any sex. But today there’s a lot less shame in it.

      In general terms, of course, a woman can have as much as sex as she needs irrespective of how she looks or any other factor. Men, on the other hand, have to work for it. Women compete for a segment of the male dating pool while the rest of men languish without any attention.

      Look at me and N. He maybe had a couple of dates by the time we met. And he’s a very good-looking, brilliant, educated, very feminist guy. I, on the other hand, never suffered from a lack of relationships, let’s put it that way.


  3. How to go after people of color and remain a proud liberal in the age of BLM (via Mike). I wouldn’t have had the imagination to use that excuse and, yes, am 100% sure they wouldn’t call police on middle class white guys:


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