Cruel Seating

I have no idea why at a completely empty restaurant with tons of seating I have to be led to one of those barstool tables that are towering almost over my head. Is this a hint that I need to exercise before eating?

4 thoughts on “Cruel Seating

  1. Intelligent publicans sometimes seat people in high chairs/on tallboys because they are easier for passers-by to see, which makes the establishment look busier/more popular, which generates more business. I don’t know if they teach that in hospitality courses in the US, but wouldn’t be surprised if the knowledge has become mainstream by now.


  2. If you don’t the particular sitting arrangement that you’re being led to, just speak up and say you’d prefer a different one. You’re the customer paying for the service, so it’s your choice.


  3. I suspect some kind of “social wangling” going on? You’re not a “preferred customer”, maybe?
    How often do you patronize this place? How well acquainted are they with you?


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