Clumsy Indoctrination

Do they really want the viewers – the vast majority of whom will be white – to decide that the color of their skin is an important part of who they are?

I don’t think this was thought through very well.

Kids absolutely ask these questions – although they do so at an age where it’s way too early for them to watch TV – and a not-entirely-brain-dead parent can answer them with ease. And without channeling Mein Kampf, like this cartoon does.

6 thoughts on “Clumsy Indoctrination

  1. If you see a thumbs down on this post, that was just me misclicking.

    I’d hate to be a black child in America today. There’s no place to escape from thinking about your race.

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    1. It’s all completely nuts. Elmo is red. A bunch of other creatures in the cartoon are bright blue. Is there any explanation for their “skin color”? And how come they avoided noticing their different colors until now?


    2. “no place to escape from thinking about your race”

      The worse race relations are the smaller the chances that people of different races can unite around class and challenge the tech (and other) oligarchs.
      It’s a disgrace that leftist/liberal/progressives are pushing this.


    1. Imagine if I started teaching this to my kid.

      “Klara, our skin color is an important part of who we are.”

      What would that make me? I have a few words for it but none of them are good.


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