The Big Spill

Also, the whole narrative of “Trump radicalized them. They will become sweet, lovely bunnies without him” is ludicrous. It assigns Trump powers that neither he nor any human being possesses.

As adults, we aren’t molded by the situations we experience. We react to these situations with what’s already there. Nobody can extract shit from us if shit isn’t already there. Moreover, the shit will spill out irrespective of the situations that arise.

By providing a justification for the spilling of shit – Trump made them do it, the economy made them do it, the recession of 2008-9 made them do it – we ensure that the spillage will never stop.

As every parent knows, rewarding bad behavior doesn’t make that behavior go away. To the contrary, it makes bad behavior permanent. Another thing we all know is that if a kid throws a tantrum because he wants a new toy, giving in and buying the toy doesn’t make the kid happy. It makes the tantrum worse.

And it works the same with adults. Give an abusive, vicious person what she wants, and she doesn’t become sweet. She becomes even nastier and more demanding.

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