Nothing Is New Under the Sun

“Equity is a very much better principle than equality.

– Margaret Thatcher, 1969. And again, 1975.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Is New Under the Sun

  1. I was unaware of the circumstances in which MT said that, and found the entire speech in google. No doubt, you would disagree with the original application of the phrase too, even though there was some truth in it imo:

    1969 Oct 10 Fr
    Margaret Thatcher
    Speech to Conservative Party Conference
    Themes: Conservative Party (organization), Pay, Taxation, Family, Law & order, Social security & welfare, Women

    But we are all agreed on one principle: that the work which the wife does in the home which cannot be assessed financially should always be fully taken into account on the break-up of marriage and the disposition of the matrimonial home, and that her right to stay in the matrimonial home should be as strong as possible.

    I have not, in dealing with some of these points, concentrated on equality. When one is dealing with this sphere of law, equity is a very much better principle than equality and one which, in fact, treats women very much more generously and takes into account all the varying circumstances which the principle of equality would have to ignore.


    1. The point I’m trying to make with this post is that today’s left is completely neoliberal. Every position of theirs you look at, it’s already been defended by Thatcher, Reagan, or Milton Friedman. Every one. It’s kind of hilarious.


  2. You’d be interested in Barbara Ehrenreich, Fear of Falling, I suspect. No longer a new book but I’ve found it ages well, explains a lot.


  3. We should consider that how Thatcher defined “equity” was almost certainly different than how it is used today. CRT has redefined many terms, without all people being aware of it, which means people think they are agreeing to one thing when it’s really another.


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