Who’s Responsible?

I don’t think that the girls who killed Mohammed Anwar should go to jail. They are children. They are not responsible.

But their parents should absolutely be put in jail. If they are already there, whoever had custody of the children should go to jail.

The people online who go on about how a 13-year-child deserves the death penalty are deeply damaged, profoundly infantile individuals. I saw quite a few of such comments today, and they are uniformly disgusting. But it’s not news that there’s a large part of society that doesn’t understand the concept of childhood. These are, after all, the people who sacrificed the interests of a whole generation of children to the COVID hysteria of the middle-aged.

9 thoughts on “Who’s Responsible?

  1. What about a 15-year-old? What should be the age of any legal responsibility in cases of heavy crimes in your opinion?

    One may call it jail, a psychiatric ward or youth center for teen criminals, but letting those girls out into the streets w/o making sure they won’t kill again is out of the question.

    In Israel, quite a few teen terrorists and would-be-terrorists had been killed or/and imprisoned. Adding jailing their relatives seems all right to me.


  2. I thought the girls should be prosecuted. But I have decided yours is a good point, Clarissa. The parents or other guardians raising these girls should be considered responsible for their actions. After all, in common law, minors are defined as minors because they are deemed not to be responsible for their behavior. It is the majors (parents, guardians) who are considered responsible for their offspring until such offspring are legal adults.


  3. This story has been all over the media for days. EVERY article mentions that the murdered man was South Asian (Pakistani). NOT ONE article has mentioned the race of the two black girls who murdered him.


  4. I assumed Black due to location. I’m against the death penalty on principle, and against adult prosecution of juveniles on principle. There have apparently been more carjackings in DC by teens since. I don’t know that it’s the parents’ fault alone, I suspect it’s the whole current situation.

    I don’t know what the answer is entirely. But I lived as an exchange student in Denmark, in high school. That’s a country where teens 13-15 don’t have a lot of adult supervision. People would get into all kinds of crazy things, I couldn’t believe it. In my U.S. we wouldn’t have, because 1/ US is freakin’ dangerous, these Danish kids were taking physical risks we just wouldn’t and 2/ in US then there would be supervision, not because adults were sitting on you but because they’d be involved somehow. Like, at that age they’d let us go off camping in the wilderness by ourselves for days, with equipment, but not abandon us for a weekend in a house just because they felt like going somewhere. This just leaving kids to hang around and do whatever has become fashionable here now, with poor results.


  5. I think that it is time to seriously reconsider exile as a form of crime management. It’s cheaper and much more humane than putting people in concrete torture boxes at a cost of thousands of dollars per prisoner per week.


  6. A taser isn’t just something someone has on them. They planned to carjack him, I doubt they planned to kill him, but they definitely planned to rob him of his livelihood. This isn’t something like stealing to eat, with that taser not a chance. I’d say going after the parent’s won’t help, nor will sending them for counseling. The first will make it hard for any of them to find work or income leading to more thievery or prostitution. The second is laughably ineffective, seriously it is laughable. You have to make sure a criminal knows that they will be much worse off going back to crime than living a lawful life. Nothing else works. That is besides them repenting and coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

    So my proposal is this. Don’t bother with going after the parents, don’t bother with the counseling, don’t bother with prison. Bring back the old chain-gangs in the South. As a deep South native I can tell you summer is absolutely miserable, and that is with working in an office. Have them doing road repairs as part of a chain-gang for lets say 7 years for the 13 year old and 10 years for the 15 year old making them 20 and 25 upon release. After that I can almost guarantee they will not return to crime at all.

    To preempt those who say that would be too harsh. I’d like to repeat 3 facts. 1.) The carjacking wasn’t accidental or needed for food, it was deliberate and planned (ie the taser.) 2.) Prisons and counseling don’t work, we have seen tons of proof in the last half century. 3.) Lastly second degree or not they did kill someone, there must be punishment for that. With 7 years and 10 years they are punished and still have their youth to restart their life afterwards.


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