Another Mass Shooting

Another mass shooting, this time in Southern California. It’s what, the sixth one in three weeks,?

People are really decompensating.

P.S. OK, I googled it, and there have actually been 20 mass shootings since Atlanta.

11 thoughts on “Another Mass Shooting

  1. If anyone is interested, here is the state of Israeli politics after forth elections in last two years:

    I decided I voted for Netanyahu one last time and won’t vote for him again if he leads us into the fifth election immediately after the forth. However, look at the above analysis and think who you would’ve voted for instead of Likud.

    Btw, there is info on wiki about this party and it’s not a bad one:


      1. \ I would have voted for anybody who opposes mRNA for kids and vaccine passports. Is there anyone like that?

        My mother watches TV news a lot (to find out re schools reopening after Pesah vacation) and she says she hasn’t heard of such parties.

        Clarissa, you’ve mentioned specialists you know who are extremely against mRNA. Has one of them written a text explaining their views to general public? Have they recommended such a text to you?

        In Israel, teens will soon receive it too:

        // Israel plans to give COVID vaccine to adolescents upon FDA approval
        Health Minister Yuli Edelstein says he will solve ongoing cabinet dispute, which broke out in wake of last week’s elections, to allow country to procure more jabs after Pfizer’s trials showed 100% efficacy among 12- to 15-year-olds
        Israel plans to give adolescents the Pfizer Inc/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine as soon as its emergency use is authorized in the U.S., Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said Wednesday.

        Israel is developing its own vaccine, using usual technologies, and I would rather take it and give it to our teens than mRNA after hearing from you. However, as a non-medical expert, how can people like me make informed decisions in the sea of true, false and misleading info?

        I understood experts you know see mRNA as ‘the Devil’, but still don’t get why and what exactly they fear, what kind of damage. Are they all silent? May you share what exactly they fear?


        1. I’m sorry, can you not publish these quotes? I get triggered by stories of Jewish kids being experimented on. Especially with potentially castrating meds.


          1. // I’m sorry, can you not publish these quotes?

            Sorry, didn’t know.

            // potentially castrating meds.

            Have specialists you know told you that mRNA is more potentially castrating than getting covid w/o the vaccine?


          2. I always heard that Israelis have the most liberal child-rearing methods. Kids go crazy, behave in outrageous ways, and parents just smile. I’m all into that, so I’m not criticizing.

            But I’ve been thinking. What if these parents don’t use any socially legitimate methods of releasing the aggression against their children (which is part of every parent-child relationship and is normal and healthy)?

            Often, parents who drive this aggression deep inside starts to unconsciously undermine the health and even life of the child. I wonder if there’s something of this in this situation.


  2. // Children don’t get COVID, remember? They don’t get it or carry it. It’s been widely known since April of 2020.

    Which ages are you referring to exactly? Teens are not children, socially or biologically.

    Quite a few high school students I know closely did get covid and did carry it.

    A very good article about the possible Israeli future. It starts looking probable to me. What do you think?

    // Ra’am, Jerusalem and the one-state solution
    Opinion: October 2023 municipal elections in Israel’s capital could see the city’s Arabs population play a larger role in deciding who will be the next mayor, setting the scene for political participation as a tool for binational statehood

    Of course, I trust Jerusalem Arabs to continue shooting themselves in the foot by not coming to vote in sufficient numbers, yet can easily imagine how our nationalist politicians talking of united Jerusalem would suddenly remember ‘those Arab villages we added are not Jerusalem and should be separated’ …


    1. Testing positive doesn’t mean getting COVID or carrying it. Even the WHO already recognized it. The positive PCR test means absolutely nothing.


      1. //Testing positive doesn’t mean getting COVID or carrying it. Even the WHO already recognized it. The positive PCR test means absolutely nothing.

        Several students told me they felt ill and their family members got covid too.
        We are talking about older teens here 15-17 years old, not small kids of Klara’s age.


        1. Oh, well, if impressionable teens in a situation of mass panic said they felt something. . . It must be true and we must throw away science to humor them.

          Children and young people aren’t at risk from COVID. They just aren’t. Flu is a greater risk to them. But hey, let’s castrate them anyway to save them from getting the sniffles or thinking they got the sniffles.


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