COVID Home-Buying Effect

Look how useful the lockdowns have been to the Zoom class:

This “pandemic mitigation” is simply too useful as a means of wealth transfer to be abandoned easily. Also look at the previous moment when these figures were at an all-time high. That was when the austerity in response to the global recession hit. First home purchases drop as more people are pushed out of housing market, while investor purchases boom because a small minority makes out like bandits.

Yes, we are totally all in this together.

2 thoughts on “COVID Home-Buying Effect

  1. ” useful the lockdowns have been”

    But as long as everybody’s afraid of being called a non-anti-racist or not celebrating the idea of women impregnating men enough no one pays attention to the bigger picture.

    Identity politics from Kendi to Contra Points (to name just two) are class warfare by the 1 % against the rest of us.

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