April Fools

Twitter is unreadable today. Everybody is making clumsy April’s Fool jokes which invariably consist of people saying the opposite of what they believe. As a result, my feed sounds like a meeting of pouty COVID-obsessed SJW snowflakes. This makes me feel like I’m at work even when I specifically left campus to have a peaceful lunch break away from all that.

I hate this inane, childish tradition.

6 thoughts on “April Fools

  1. I’m with you. Playing pranks on people is mean and I have never liked this day. Of course, I never liked St. Patrick’s Day because people were always pinching me when I forgot (or didn’t know) to wear green. I never actually knew St. Patrick was a, well, saint. Or why. Good grief.


    1. I didn’t know about the pinching tradition. God.

      Everybody is asking what trick Klara played on us and we on her. Maybe I’m a humorless hag but I’m not teaching her about this tradition. I simply don’t like it.

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      1. ” I’m not teaching her about this tradition”

        You want her to learn about it on the streets?

        But that’s part of the nation state model – weird and dumb minor traditions between the big important ones. You can’t have one without the other…..

        I think April Fool’s has maybe become another victim of status whoring… when I was still in the states it was pretty mild and almost entirely verbal.

        Me: What happened? Your pants have a big rip in back and everyone can see your underwear.
        Friend: (tries to look at their behind for a few seconds)
        Me: April Fools!

        “I never actually knew St. Patrick was a, well, saint. Or why”

        A friend once told me it was PR for Irish immigrants (who were considered the lowest of the low when big numbers arrived in the US fleeing the potato famine). I don’t know if that’s true but the holiday did do a lot to create more positive feelings toward the Irish).

        The pinching thing wasn’t that common or consistent (I think it was a regional thing that gradually expanded) though the pinching wasn’t meant to be really painful (but again in status whoring times it’s probably turned into something nasty).

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        1. If St. Patrick’s Day was PR for the Irish (which is actually pretty cool to me–love the Irish) were Pollock jokes PR for the Poles? I always loved Pollock jokes! I think I wanted to be one when I grew up. Strange–nobody seems to tell them anymore…


        2. OK, I told Klara about the April’s Fool tradition. She said, “Mommy, what a terrible tradition! In our family we don’t have mean traditions like that. We have nice traditions where you get treats.” I felt very proud of myself.


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