A Real Capitol Attack

And there was an attack on the Capitol today that actually did kill a police officer.

I’m telling you, folks, people are massively off their nut because of what was done to all of us over the past year.

3 thoughts on “A Real Capitol Attack

  1. Rod reports :

    “His name was Noah Green, a black man who was reportedly a member of the Nation of Islam, the black supremacist group. He murdered a Capitol police officer, whose two children no longer have a daddy. According to the Washington Post, Green’s family said he was mentally ill, and paranoid. Billy Evans, the dead cop, was white. I think the media have done the right thing in not jumping to conclusions about a racial motive here, or a political motive. We just don’t know.”

    I suppose American readers know this but foreign readers may not.


    1. Of course, if the guy were white, we’d hear about this non-stop and our university administration would issue mile-long weepy statements about the event. But since he’s not white, everybody will do their best to erase this from memory as fast as possible.

      It was really pathetic when there were two mass shootings one after another – Atlanta and Boulder. The one in Atlanta had a massive response from my university’s administration. The one on Boulder wasn’t mentioned at all. The shooter in Boulder was Syrian and the victims were white, so it’s unmentionable.

      It’s such a joke.


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