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A great, great article by Peter Savodnik:

The real wrongdoers are the Enablers. The so-called adults. The tech founders and college presidents and newspaper editors and museum directors and bank CEOs who pretend that the fight for “justice” is just. Who pretend that the “equity” crusade is about fairness and not about defending the grotesque inequality between those who have been trained to think correctly and those who have not.

He’s absolutely right. “Anti-racist” is today’s way of saying “a gentleman or a lady of leisure.”

Do read the whole thing.

7 thoughts on “Link of the Day

  1. The Enablers themselves are probably more scared of being canceled than the children with nut allergies and graphic tattoos. I find the expression “wokness is a virus” very fitting. Once it’s starts spreading it’s out of control. Anyone can fall victim, no matter how much power you have. There are 2 ways to get through the wokenss pandemic: get infected and recover, at which point you will be cured from the ideas and possibly suffer permanent damages to your social status, or just go into mental lock down until the plague passes.

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    1. The biggest mistake in the article is placing the core of True Believers among the young. I’m at the epicenter of the crisis, and I’m convinced that most of the rot comes from people who are 40-50 years old. I have never seen a true fanatic who was under the age of 45. Never. And I live surrounded by fanatics.

      Those kids burning buildings in Portland have been whipped into a frenzy by a bunch of 50-year-olds.

      My generation is the rotten one. The Boomers are vapidly enabling. And the kids are being blindly led into the slaughter.


  2. OT: I’m sure you’ve seen this but some might not have…

    It’s worth nothing that daily positive cases are less than 10% of what they were two months ago and daily deaths about one 30th of what they were two months ago….

    If they’re not opening up now they have no intention of opening up…

    I can’t think of examples of police breaking up religious services in the communist period… so, there’s that.

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    1. That is despicable beyond words. I have seen a short clip of the police braking up the service on some of the social media. What kind of soulless monster called the police on them? Who would have thought that we will live to see religious persecution in the name of health.


  3. I’m willing to bet that the writer has no real experience with any of the people he calls enablers.

    In my experience, the whole thing is more like a large yet much more boring version of Wolf of Wall Street, where one psycho/moron sets up or takes over a company/political party/whatever and then encourages others to behave and become more idiotic.

    Then after the pattern becomes self sustaining, everyone just tries to hold on as long as they can to keep the money/drugs/whatever going.


  4. I work for this corporation of enablers. We just paid some woke tyrants $32 million for their race-bias accusations (class action lawsuit). And we had to read a little tirade (corporate communication) from our “leader” who said “We have to do better even though we admit no fault in the matter and are settling out of court to avoid lengthy trial litigation costs.” Really, these enablers don’t want the name of their corporation drug through the phony-papers with an NPR retraction (a la Hunter Biden) a few months too late.


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