Ashamed of Israel

It’s a fucken police state. I can’t believe I was ever supportive of it for any reason and to any degree.

The whole point of Israel was to prevent somebody from holocausting the Jews all over again. It’s a bit of an unexpected twist that Jews have decided to holocaust themselves.

5 thoughts on “Ashamed of Israel

  1. ” point of Israel was to prevent somebody from holocausting the Jews all over again”

    Beginning in the 1970s most western European countries outsourced their anti-semitism to muslim immigrants . Israel doesn’t want those so it has to stay in house (I’m only half-kidding – how much of traditional Jewish identity is based on the idea of being oppressed and what happens when external oppression is removed?)


    1. “European countries outsourced their anti-semitism”

      I’m not entirely sure if ‘outsourced’ is exactly the right term – but once public anti-semitism was judged to be uncivilized they got busy and brought in a bunch of people who did the job for them.


    2. Makes one wonder whether nowadays one would be physically safer being visibly Jewish in Warsaw or Budapest rather than in Paris, Berlin, or even London. The former two cities have their fair share of native anti-Semites, but virtually no Muslims. Would native Eastern European anti-Semites in the 21st century be as likely to engage in physical violence (as opposed to verbal violence, et cetera) towards Jews as Muslims are? I’m not so sure.


  2. Human nature is never different from one ancestry to another. Whoever’s “in charge” are going to “power trip” any way they can get away with doing so.
    When it comes to any kind of prejudice the mistake made is thinking the inner nature of one culture or ancestry is somehow “all that different from” any other culture or ancestry. The “players” may be different but the “scripts” are all pretty much similar.


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