Example of Sensory Issues

Here’s an example of sensory issues.

We all know I detest masks and lockdowns. But there’s one aspect of COVIDiocy that I find irresistible. It’s the hand sanitizer.

I’m obsessed with hand sanitizer. I use it 6-7 times in class. Students must think I’m a germaphobe. But I don’t care about germs. If anything, I’m a germaphile. What I love is the cooling sensation on my hands. The classroom is hot, and putting sanitizer on my hands is primitive thermoregulation. It makes me feel sharper and more energetic.

Yes, yes, I know the darn sanitizer is carcinogenic. You probably don’t have sensory issues if you think this makes a difference.

5 thoughts on “Example of Sensory Issues

  1. I do not enjoy the residual feel, smell or taste that comes after that sanitizer dries completely.

    You ran through your stock of unused alcohol wipes a long time, didn’t you?


  2. “I do not enjoy the residual feel, smell or taste that comes after that sanitizer dries completely.”

    I agree wholeheartedly with that statement! I don’t know if it’s a “sensory issue,” but I have always INTENSELY disliked the yucky residue that ALL so-called “cleansing” or “sanitizing” wipes, rags, and solutions leave on your skin.

    When I was on international flights in past years, stewardesses always seemed shocked when I declined to accept the obnoxiously scented cloth rags that they passed out mid-flight for passengers to “refresh” their supposedly unclean faces.

    The only thing I wash my skin with is plain soap, washed completely off by copious amounts of water.


    1. Yes, the yucky residue is annoying. But it’s 90 degrees outside, and our building is still getting heated. I’m so tired of stewing in my own juices that I don’t care about the residue.


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