Party of the Gullible

Now who’s the party of gullible idiots?

10 thoughts on “Party of the Gullible

  1. I have a friend who seems to trust only RT. Another who trusts primarily Newsmax. I trust Reader Supported News, NYT, and mostly also MSNBC and BBC World News. I used to trust al Jazeera, except about Middle Eastern topics, but I no longer go to the trouble of following them.


      1. RT is the FSB propaganda machine.

        I know this. But I believe that Fox News is the absolute worst. They seem to believe that DJT really was robbed by a fraudulent election.


        1. They are getting sued for billions of dollars for spewing lies. Hope it costs them dearly.

          Sidney Powel herself stated in court that she was just spewing lies that no reasonable person would believe. At what point does Fox News become an entertainment channel instead of a news channel? Where is the line?


          1. I only watch Tucker Carlson and he demolished Powell on his show. I agree that her behavior was reprehensible but it didn’t cause months of violent riots that murdered two dozen people and resulted in skyrocketing crime rates. The same riots that were eagerly cheered by the Vice President you virex for. So great job noticing the utterly insignificant Powell and missing the real elephant in the room.


            1. Everywhere I look, it shows Biden condemned BLM violence:
              View at

              So far I’m very happy with Biden. I almost hear nothing about him, and that’s how I like it. Presidents shouldn’t be prima donnas seeking attention at every opportunity.


  2. It’s so hard to trust any news media today regardless of your political leanings. They are all just pushing different agendas rather than trying to truly inform.


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