Kid’s Wisdom

Also from Klara:

“Every family needs a tall person, like my Daddy. And a medium person like Mommy. Also, it’s important to have a shorty, like me. Everybody is useful. Except teenagers because all they ever do is sulk. I don’t know why people even have them.”

6 thoughts on “Kid’s Wisdom

  1. She has much to learn about teenagers. They also eat a lot. Especially boys. And they smell funky. But teenagers can be very sweet too. They just need lots of love and positive reinforcement to thrive. Of course, that’s all of us!

    I really like the Klara stories.

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    1. I’m fascinated by how a child’s brain works and how she explains the world to herself. This is all based on comments I made in passing, and it’s both humbling and scary how much impact I have on her perception of the world.

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      1. Children have a way of showing us how imperfect we are. They are little mirrors. I admire those who have great children. Okay, that’s a flat out lie. I am jealous and envious and bitter. I see my flaws in my children and it makes me sick! I had deeply flawed parents and made many mistakes when mine were young. I was selfish and petulant. But since I don’t have a time machine, all I can do is ask forgiveness and try to do better with my youngest. Your approach inspires me. I was 21 when my first was born. You may disagree, but there are advantages to having children later in life.


    2. I love teenagers. They are a handful (and, OMG, the amount of food we go through is the stuff of legends — I constantly get asked at the grocery store if we’re having a party), but they are also very sweet and very vulnerable.

      It’s funny, my eldest (now 21) smelled funky in his early teens, but my middle (13) hasn’t been smelly once, he’s just always been a kid with impeccable hygiene. In contrast, eldest was a mellow teen, not a sulker at all; middle boy was quite difficult but completely relaxed during the pandemic, he’s like a different kid when he’s away from the social pressures. (He’s very social and popular, but I think he’s naturally introverted so the socializing takes a toll on him.) Honestly, the pandemic year has done wonders for him academically and in terms of just calm and relaxation, and I’ve loved reconnecting with him. He’s a giant and a giant sweetheart!

      Sorry, off on a tangent again. Teens are great!

      Honestly, kids are great at all ages. It’s fascinating how a person develops.

      And, of course, I’m always here for your Klara stories!

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