Different Rituals

I’m in the midst of my birthday week, which means I go to extreme lengths to do things that give me pleasure each day. I’m very, very serious about my birthday. There’s no 3-year-old who is as intense about her birthday as I am about mine. I’ll probably take the next week, too, because why break up a great celebration, you know?

In any case, I’ve been concentrating on my celebratory activities when I turn on the TV and see yet another ritual burning of Minneapolis. It’s becoming clear that Americans really hate Minneapolis and burn it regularly to let the steam off. I wonder why nobody realizes that the whole thing has become quite comical.

My birthday ritual is so much better than the one everybody else is having.

3 thoughts on “Different Rituals

  1. Well, Happy Birthday, Clarissa!

    I’ll be turning 76 next week, and don’t plan to celebrate anything except that the stock market has made me about 1.5 million dollars richer than I was a year ago, and that the COVID pandemic has kept me from having to socialize with people that I don’t like all that much, anyway.

    Sounds like it’s been a good year for both of us . Cheers!


  2. “Americans really hate Minneapolis and burn it regularly to let the steam off.”

    It’s not ‘Americans’ in the sense of ordinary human beings living their lives.

    It’s ‘Americans’ in the sense of fabulously corrupt elites who prefer being China’s bribed satraps over a serf population to merely being fortunate citizens who happen to live among other fellow and equal citizens in a free society.

    And yes, the ceremonial and highly non-spontaneous urban conflagrations are going to go on, and on, and on, until a lot of people very slooooowly realize what is happening, and grow a backbone, and act in such a way as to compel regime change. Our general population, bovine in its somnolent incuriosity and passivity, may have to undergo enormous national suffering before that point is reached.


  3. What I don’t get is how the rioters figure burning down and vandalizing stores owned by corporate behemoths like Dollar Tree or Boost Mobile is going to somehow “bankrupt” Brooklyn Center and “really teach this racist town a lesson or two” (note: the mayor is black, no less).


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