The School of Indoctrination

We all know how I feel about the importance of schools, but this kind of school has absolutely no value. If this were my only option for my kid’s schooling, I’d absolutely homeschool.

P.S. People complain when I post a link instead of quotes but the article needs to be read as a whole.

4 thoughts on “The School of Indoctrination

  1. Excellent article. Spot on. Here’s one quote that is blood curdling: My own contract for next year requires me to “participate in restorative practices designed by the Office of Community Engagement” in order to “heal my relationship with the students of color and other students in my classes.” The details of these practices remain unspecified until I agree to sign.

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    1. I was really touched by the story at the end about the student who came by to express support. This hits close to home because I had a similar experience last semester when two students came up to me separately and said how grateful they were to have at least one professor who made them feel that they don’t have to fear accidentally revealing that they are conservative. I almost cried.


  2. Virtually every public school in the country is doing some version of this, it exists on a relentlessly expanding continuum. We see it full flower in progressive coastal cities, and suburbs across the country, even in red states where it is slipped in disguised by indoctrinated education school graduates. There was a piece about this stuff in Edina MN schools a few years ago.


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