Manufacturing Another COVID Wave

Here’s a description of how the authorities in Ontario are consciously manufacturing a wave of COVID mortality:

This is precisely the policy that resulted in thousands of COVID deaths in New York, Illinois, Michigan, Quebec, etc. A year ago, you could argue that nobody knew sending COVID patients to old-people homes would be the main driver of COVID mortality.
But today everybody knows. The only conclusion one can draw is that this is being done on purpose to justify continued lockdowns.

6 thoughts on “Manufacturing Another COVID Wave

  1. Sort of OT (but related in a broader sense)

    I just found this great youtube channel (visuals aren’t necessary, nice, kind of Adam Curtis-ish but not necessary and it can be listened to like a podcast).

    The topics are familiar to anyone reading this but I hadn’t heard them expressed as clearly in Spanish before (I’d be happy to find a bunch but haven’t yet).
    The youtuber is Mexican with very clear diction (would be great for advanced students, hint, hint)

    Esquinofrenia natural


  2. ” how the authorities in Ontario are consciously manufacturing a wave of COVID ”

    It’s been obvious for months that many (maybe most) covid policies are calculated to keep things locked down by jacking up numbers as high and as for as long as possible. Almost everything governments are doing have adverse affects on people’s health to lesser or greater degrees.

    If the post-national hellscape known as Canada is involved then it will take its ugliest most blatant form. Is it overtaking the UK as ground zero of pure neoliberal fluidity?

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