Another Invasion

Now that Biden is in power, Russia is starting another invasion of Ukraine. The Sea of Azov has been effectively cut off as of today.

Here are some of things to observe:

1. This always happens under Democrats. Nothing remotely similar was happening during Trump. Reason #1 why I became pro-Trump? My relatives didn’t have bombs falling on their heads any more. Is that an acceptable reason?

2. Pro-Russian lies in the media have intensified. The blackout of Russia’s aggression started. This always takes place as if on cue and follows the same scenario. A Democrat gets elected. A media campaign of “Russia is not that bad” and “why can’t we all just be friends?” begins. Russia invades countries and kills a bunch of population. The US media calls the invaded and murdered people Nazis. Russia invades somebody else. The US media calls them Nazis, too. This all continues on a loop while the Democrat is in office.


5 thoughts on “Another Invasion

  1. “Russia is starting another invasion”

    Is there a particular goal beyond playing to the crowd at home? Is he going to try for that land bridge to Crimea (without which it’s a massive white elephant)? Is he trying to pressure to turn to the water back on?
    Or is it his usual bluster?


    1. They want to recreate the USSR. 75% of Russians said last year they want to go back to the USSR. It may look insane or hopeless to us but the empire is truly their identity.


      1. ” want to recreate the USSR. 75% of Russians said last year they want to go back to the USSR”

        American leftists seem to want that too so Biden will probably do as little as possible to stop it…. and Harris would probably cheer it on.

        Do they want the whole thing (including the Baltics)? And since for all its size and potential the USSR wasn’t self-sufficient and had to colonize a number of neighboring countries to try to keep it going… (looking nervously eastward…..).

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        1. The final goal is to be the new USA. The US hatred in Russia is pathological. But since they will never become the new USA, there’s really no limit to how far they will go.


      2. Do they know that for many of them it will be a disaster, with only the tip top percent benefitting? What is the reasoning? It just sounds nuts. Who would have thought the world would go so completely crazy?


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