Real-life Hutch

And here’s an example of a real-life strong masculinity of a man who stands up to protect his daughter – and all of us – from woke comissars. All it takes is a few thousand men like this one, and the totalitarianism that’s being born in this country will be squashed for good.

In Canada, a father was sentenced to 6 months of jail yesterday for opposing a sterilization of his 13-year-old daughter. There are heroes still, and this is one of them.

P.S. Hutch is the name of Bob Odenkirk’s character in Nobody.

2 thoughts on “Real-life Hutch

  1. Excellent article. I especially resonate with this piece: “Our nation will not survive a generation of leadership even more poorly educated than we have now, nor will we survive a generation of students taught to hate its own country and despise its history. ”

    He must have read C.S. Lewis essay, “Men Without Chests”.

    My children have been subjected to this teaching in the public school system for most of their lives–all while being berated for the color of their skin; white. All while being told we are racists. This blog has really helped me see the brainwashing that is occurring. Though I’m not sure how to stop it other than to keep standing up and speaking against it. I did that this year and lost my church network. If I spoke up at work, I would most likely be fired. And since my child needs medical insurance to keep him supplied with insulin (type 1 diabetic)… It’s a tough spot to be in, for sure.

    But I applaud this parent. Good for him.


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