Say, What?

5 thoughts on “Say, What?

  1. “gender diverse dogs”…

    This seems like they’re just fucking with us now seeing how much shit we’ll lap up and ask for more (or profess ignorance “I don’t understand…” while not challenging them).
    It is not the job of children’s cartoons to expose children to “gender diverse” anything….. what freaks.

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      1. Watch: they will next introduce a “black” doberman, a “hispanic” chihuahua… and get pilloried for it in the media and never air on television again. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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  2. You can freely criticise anything at all if you have no investment in it or wish it to be destroyed.

    How is this different from anything else these people criticise?

    It’s even easier when the parties doing the criticising aren’t named and are nebulous entities hiding behind the journalist’s use of passive voice.

    My favourite TV show of all time happens to be “Hogan’s Heroes”, but I don’t criticise it for not having enough Nazis or for featuring oddly named places such as Braunschweiger Pass.

    Just remember, when watching a comedy, laugh at the Nazis instead of collaborating with them, uninvested critics!

    What’s next, the TV show “Baa Baa Black Sheep” didn’t have enough Japanese in it? 🙂

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