Another Ban

Just as I started following Aimee Terese, who has a great Twitter account, she got banned.

The kind of really vicious, horrid stuff I’ve seen on Twitter – child pornography, death threats, rape threats doxxing, all sorts of perverted behavior – and they all stay up unmolested while the account that gets constantly banned is a woman who writes about the Left’s betrayal of working class interests.

Posting child pornography – yippee! Mentioning working class interests – BAN!

This is disgusting.

6 thoughts on “Another Ban

      1. When toddlers play hide and seek, they shut their eyes tight, thinking they have managed to hide themselves very well.

        I’m older, and I know that not seeing something doesn’t make it non-existent.


        1. “They shut their eyes tight, thinking they have managed to hide themselves .”

          So do adults. I remember an incident about 25 years ago, when a ticket agent for a certain airline kept laughing at my legitimate request for a reissue of my missed-due-to-the-airline’s-fault ticket, until I finally frowned and raised my voice at her.

          She turned white, closing her eyes and turning her face away, like I was the Wolfman about to go for her throat. And she kept her eyes clamped shut and stood frozen, while I tried to explain to her in a calm, non-aggressive voice that I was entitled to a new ticket. (I left her desk and went to the airline’s local office, where I was immediately issued a new ticket.)

          Okay, I was a man 6’0″, and she was a woman about 5’4″. But I wasn’t picking a fight. I was simply asking for the transportation that I’d paid for.


  1. It’s time for the government to break up Twitter and Facebook, just like it did with the Standard Oil and AT&T monopolies.


    1. Facebook needs to be prevented from buying the competition. It should never have been allowed to buy Instagram or WhatsApp. I would be happy if it was forced to sell these off.

      It makes it incredibly difficult for new alteenatives to arise when they immediately get gobbled up.

      We need serious anti trust laws in this country.


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