The Real Fail

This poor child is, indeed, a victim, just like the kid she tried to stab. And it’s an absolute crying shame that her disgusting excuse for a mother has the gall to make statements and accuse anybody. She should be cowering in shame because this child’s blood is on her evil hands.

It’s absolutely unbelievable that this woman is actually pouting at the state services for not parenting her child instead of her. Again, this is a very culture-specific phenomenon. There are shitty mothers everywhere, but shitty mothers who are entitled, coddled, and celebrated are uniquely American.

I can’t understand why nobody is pushing back against this bastard’s sense of entitlement. It’s easier for people to blame a poor dead kid than a fully grown evil cow who made the kid what she was and unleashed her on society.

6 thoughts on “The Real Fail

  1. “this woman is actually pouting at the state ”

    I haven’t watched the footage closely because…. it’s too horrible. But I think the role of the father should be examined more carefully (not letting the crappy mother off the hook). From what I understand the original confrontation had de-escalated when the father arrived and ramped it right back up.
    It’s just so terrible that a young life was cut so short in so…. stupid a way.
    And I feel so bad for the young woman in pink. How horrible it must be for her to hear so many Black “leaders” (and “allies”!) essentially say the police should have let Bryant cut her up a bit and it’s not that big a deal when teenagers get into knife fights.
    That is systemic cultural failure (nudged by the technocracy).

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    1. Yes, the father was actually there, beating people. I’m sure he was somehow failed by the state, too.

      My mother taught kids like this, from this kind of background. Obviously, they were all very white. The parents were violent, abusive, dirty, and stupid. This is not a race issue. It’s an issue of an underclass transmitting its dysfunction throughout generations. There’s nothing cute and romantic about it. These people’s actions should be firmly repudiated.

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  2. This is indeed a strange feature of American culture – mothers cannot possibly be responsible for what their children do. It seems to have nothing to do with race or class – at some point in my life I participated in a US-based psychological internet forum and I noticed it was a big taboo to tell a (white middle class) mother that perhaps the problems her son is having may have something to do with her unhappy marriage… some people went out of their way to assure the mother (that was actually concerned about it) that this cannot possibly be an issue…

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    1. Oh yes, it goes beyond class and race. The whole culture hasn’t stumbled on the connection between parenting and its result. Genes, bad friends, bad schools, bad government – any explanation is accepted before bad parenting

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  3. It is a cultural issue, and specifically an African-American cultural issue. And let’s not use the word Black here: a newly arrived immigrant from Nigeria is different – culturally speaking – from an Ethiopian immigrant and again they will both be very different from a fifth-generation African-American from the Detroit ghetto. What’s the point of calling all of them Black except in order to fog the issue ? All the tip-toeing around this issue does no-one any good.


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