This Presidency Sucks

The most recent job report sucks. Gas prices are 30% up since December, and now there are gas shortages. Inflation. Everything is getting more expensive. There are more “kids in cages” than ever. Several 5-year-old girls were found by the border yesterday, tossed like garbage, and there’s no plan to do anything about it. The peace in the Middle East is broken. The peace in Ukraine is under the biggest threat since 2015. Pfizer is preparing to “vaccinate” 12-year-olds for a disease they don’t get. Many schools are still not open. There are still race riots. Central America went from cautiously liking us to hating us within a few months. Crime rates are exploding.

Honestly, this presidency sucks. This is a bunch of idiotic, bumbling, incoherent people who believe that babbling stupidly about “equity” will substitute for actual action.

29 thoughts on “This Presidency Sucks

  1. I have the same sentiments. I still admire the level of metal gymnastics in the Democrats in my life and online who claim things are better than ever. One either has to be completely uninformed or in perpetual cognitive dissonance.

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  2. The pandemic is almost behind us, the economy is starting to boom, people are not having to slave themselves to go back to 8 dollar/hour jobs. Biden is pushing for much needed infrastructure upgrades while closing loopholes and increasing taxes on the corporations that got richer off of the pandemic. I’m pretty happy with that.

    It’s also important to have some perspective. Look at Latin America and India for examples of badly managed countries. Any of those countries would be very happy to be in our position.


      1. I think we’re going to see a huge spike of economic activity this summer. That’s what good handling of a pandemic gets you.


        1. So it’s a booming economy of the future we are discussing? Or the plummeting situation currently? Have you checked the currency rates? The US dollar is in the toilet. Gas prices are up 30% since a few months ago. Consumer good prices are soaring.


          1. And where exactly is the successful handling of the pandemic? In the seasonal drop in infections? Well, it’s a seasonal virus, big news. In the completely botched messaging on the vaccine created by the previous administration? The Veep kisses her husband through a mask outdoors to send a message that what? being fully vaccinated means you can’t kiss your own husband? That truly inspires confidence.

            These people are idiots. They can’t successfully handle walking up the stairs, let alone a pandemic.


            1. I’m discussing real policy issues that I think are having a good effect. This includes making vaccines plentiful to everyone who wants one, pumping money into the economy where it’s needed, and addressing other issues that can have a good future impact.

              I’m really out of the loop about what Kamala is up, and quite honestly don’t really much care. She’s just a token item.


              1. I really can’t think of anything to say about Kamala being an idiot. I don’t think we disagree on that one 🙂


              2. It’s not just Kamala, it’s the whole messaging. Get vaccinated but then still wear masks and distance. And then maybe you’ll be able to get together outside with other vaccinated friends in July. This is an enormous failure of messaging.

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              3. “It’s not just Kamala, it’s the whole messaging. Get vaccinated but then still wear masks and distance. And then maybe you’ll be able to get together outside with other vaccinated friends in July. This is an enormous failure of messaging.”

                It’s political theater. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that most places are opening up to near normal levels and the pandemic is nearly behind us. There is already plans to have Broadway shows back on by end of summer. This is all very positive.

                On the economic side, I’ve already address several issues that I think are positive. You yourself have said the unemployment rate is hovering around 6%, that seems great to me. Many countries would kill for that level of unemployment while there is a historic level of job vacancies available.


    1. It’s so funny. The democrats are itching to restore SALT deductions that mostly benefit those who make over $500,000, claiming it helps the “middle class.” Trump is the one who limited that deduction but he “cut taxes on the rich,” according to the left. Do you get it yet?


      1. I have to say that the SALT deductions is one thing that pisses me off from Trump times. We are not rich but we live in an area with expensive real estate (high mortgage) and the highest local taxes in the country. Itemizing deductions made a huge difference in my federal return. Now I can’t claim property or local taxes so this increased my federal taxes significantly. Seeing what my taxes are spent on this year makes me even angrier.


        1. Maria I’m in the same boat. I was hoping that when my fellow citizens had to FEEL the impact of the high taxes they might protest the spending programs that require it. But no.


    1. Only a quarter million people were actually placed in jobs, vastly underperforming expectations. Language is important. This is why the media cheerleaders are suddenly talking about job openings and not actual people in jobs and actual unemployment fugures. The unemployment is stuck at over 6%. Women are dropping out of the workforce massively. There are hiring shortages everywhere.


      1. “Only a quarter million people were actually placed in jobs, vastly underperforming expectations. ”

        Yeah, because for once low wage workers do not need to rush back and take whatever is handed to them. They will start coming back though, hopefully at higher wages. There is competition for low-wage labor, and this is very good news for everyone that is not a company paying low salaries.

        “Women are dropping out of the workforce massively.”

        I like Biden’s plan for universal pre-k education. Seems like he’s trying to address the major issue here.
        Schools are already opened fully and in person just about everywhere near me. I think it should be similar in the rest of the country.


          1. Yes we do such a good job of educating students with the 13 years we already have them, we should add a year. We will definitely get better results then.

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        1. We, the American People, are paying anyone whose salary was 32,000 or lower to stay home instead of work. Unemployment insurance is supposed to require a person be looking for work and accept a reasonable position. Government has put its thumb on the scale both by eliminating that rule, extending benefits that once made sense and by keeping schools shut in the face of evidence that there’s no reason to do so.

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          1. Those benefits will run out and people will have to go back to work, hopefully at higher wages. I see no big issue here.


            1. I wish it worked like this. In reality, higher wages will increase prices. Inflation. Their higher salaries will be worth less.

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              1. Higher wages at the lower end of the spectrum reliably cause two things, that negate all the benefit of higher wages: They cause rents to go up, and they cause the price of used cars to go up. In the end, all the benefits from, say, raising the minimum wage, end up in the hands of landlords and used car dealers.

                It’s baffling that so many people think this is a win.

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              2. This is definitely an issue and likely prices will continue to go up. They’ve been going up for almost everything. It’s to be expected as people start going back out, traveling, and using up their savings. Per the Wallstreet Journal:

                “More broadly, rising prices reflect strong consumer demand fueled by widespread Covid-19 vaccinations, easing business restrictions, trillions of dollars in federal pandemic relief programs and ample consumer savings. Real U.S. gross domestic product rose 6.4% at a seasonally adjusted annual rate in the first quarter and economists surveyed by the Journal in March forecast the second quarter to grow at an 8.1% annual rate, putting the U.S. economy on track for its best year since the early 1980s.”

                My hope is as things start to stabilize after the pandemic, prices will start to normalize or fall. I guess we’ll see soon enough.


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