DD News

Wait. Dunkin Donuts no longer has the Donuts part?

What happened?? Who perpetrated this act of atrocity?

The world makes no sense anymore.

And what kind of ass-stupid name is “Dunkin'” anyway?

5 thoughts on “DD News

  1. Don’t dunk on Dunkin!

    Far as I know, the name change came after it was taken over by a scottish fanfic writer.


  2. “Dunkin” is a shortened version of the word “dunking”. It refers to the popular practice of dipping (dunking) a donut in the coffee you are drinking and eating the soaked donut.


    1. My first job out of high school (in 1971) was working at the brand new Dunkin Donuts in town. I think we sold about forty or fifty different varieties of donuts, including two kinds of plain donuts: the standard ring-shaped cake donut, and what was called a “dunker.” A dunker was a ring-shaped cake donut with a knob sticking out of the side, supposedly for holding onto the thing while dunking it in your coffee. One day a customer asked me for a plain donut, and we were out of them, so I suggested a dunker, which was of course identical to the plain donut in every way except for the protrusion on the side, but the customer refused. Apparently that little knob rendered it inedible.

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  3. Can’t be much dumber than White Castle offering free COVID vaccine shots at its participating restaurants.
    Whatever does a regional hamburger chain have to do with any procedures of the medical industry?
    Too much conflating, too many irrelevant factors getting mixed together, too much “spillover”.

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