I had a colleague who once went to a restaurant but tried getting in through the wrong door. People at the restaurant asked him if he was there to make a delivery.

“It’s because I’m Mexican!” the colleague ranted. They see a Mexican face and assume I can only come to a fancy restaurant to make a delivery. It doesn’t occur to them I can be a college professor!”

The guy’s “Mexican face” is whiter than mine but leaving that aside, what’s so humiliating about being a delivery person? Nobody gets upset to be mistaken for a doctor. It’s pure snobbery that masquerades as political grievance.

5 thoughts on “Snobbery

  1. I remember seeing some documentary on HBO. A woman who identified as a woman and dresses like man was complaining how hard it is to be her because people misidentify her as a man. The interviewer nodded in understanding and didn’t burst out laughing. I seriously could not wrap my head around it.

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  2. I have often gone to the store after work and forgotten to take off my work badge. Other customers mistook me for a manager or other store employee. They asked me for help–or where something was in the store. I always help them anyway. Kindness is contagious. I don’t recall every getting angry or upset about it.

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    1. Exactly! I occasionally get mistaken for an employee when I shop, and it is no big deal. If I know where to find what they’re looking for, I’ll point them in the right direction.

      IMO this is more than just a class thing. I think the taking offense is partly a big-city thing. My hometown is a small-ish city. Nearly any random person here, if we sat down and chatted a few minutes, we’d find out we knew one or more of the same people. Which means if I behave badly in public with people who I think are total strangers, someone I know is going to hear about it. And I’m going to be embarrassed. 90% odds that someone I insult in WalMart is going to be my cousin’s second-grade teacher that they still keep in touch with…

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  3. How in the world do you mistake a side or back entrance for the front door of a restaurant? Even little hole-in-the-walk places will have signs.


    1. A professor, you know? We are permanently distracted. I once tried to walk out of a very clean glass pane. It really hurt but at least it didn’t break.


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