The Opposite Delusion

In the meantime, the Q crowd is glowing. Things are great and about to get even greater. Everything is going according to plan. The loss of the presidency and the Senate is a small, insignificant blip. Everything points to amazing wins in the nearest future.

Delusional? Absolutely. But the delusions of happy people are a lot less dangerous than those of the desperate and the enraged.

2 thoughts on “The Opposite Delusion

  1. Thought we’d lost you there for a sec.

    You’re right, as long as the delusions keep people hopeful and happy, that’s fine. However, there is always the danger that when delusions crash against reality things can get ugly.

    The great thing about this whole thing is that if Biden does a terrible job, he’ll lose the House and the presidency in that order. It’s great to always keep these people on their toes.


  2. Anybody who believes in “amazing wins in the nearest future” must not believe that the Democrats intend to nationalize election fraud via the bill H.R. 1.

    The honesty and integrity of our federal elections is the meta-issue. If we somehow secure such integrity before 2022, then peaceful political reform remains possible, and may even be quite likely. If we instead allow insecure and fraudulent elections to be made mandatory nationwide, then there is no route out of our current situation that is not disastrous and brutal.

    It’s possible to retain a thin hope that we will defeat H.R. 1 without believing in whatever it is that “the Q crowd” believes (I have no idea what that is, since nobody can point me to a web site or a public figure representing those beliefs…)

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