On the Verge

From yesterday’s Washington Post:

A longtime Post subscriber in Virginia, one of my regular correspondents, had something to say about that in a recent email about the appointment: “Does she understand — really understand — that . . . the United States is on track to become functionally an authoritarian White Christian nationalist state in the very near future? And if the answer is ‘Yes,’ what is she prepared to do about it?” “Right now,” he added, “nothing else signifies.”

It isn’t just some crank in Virginia. The people who have all the power in the world – the Bezoses, the Wall Street, all of them – this is their animating emotion.

If you go to any place where progressives congregate online, you’ll see that they are downright desperate. Their mood is very dark. The tenor of the vast majority of conversations is that they are two seconds away from permanent Nazism. This mood of fear and desperation is being stoked by the oligarchy-owned media, as you can see in the example above.

You think they won the election and should be at least somewhat content. But to them, the existence of a single person who thinks differently is a complete loss. It’s truly a totalitarian mentality. A single dissident means they are on the verge of losing everything.

17 thoughts on “On the Verge

    1. In their minds, they haven’t won. As long as there’s one person living off the grid somewhere in the woods in Montana who has not been sincerely indoctrinated into theur faith, they believe that they lost. I know it sounds insane but for real, it’s how they think.

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          1. What’s mystifying is why they still have to put up the smokescreen of “They’re going to resurrect and their zombie armies will kill us all at any moment”. Why not declare victory and move on to glorious rulership like civilized people? There is absolutely nothing to stop them. We’ve been defeated by the most neurotic and insecure revolutionaries in history. Who knew defeat would be so tedious?

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  1. “If you go to any place where progressives congregate online, you’ll see that they are downright desperate. Their mood is very dark. The tenor of the vast majority of conversations is that they are two seconds away from [some unspecifed doom]”

    I am probably more liberal than many readers here, yet I totally agree with this. The perpetual doom and gloom oozing from every progressive corner of the web is really disconcerting. It’s started to negatively affect my mood and outlook on life. The worst thing is that a lot of young people feel completely hopeless and disillusioned (I see it in my undergraduates), and this in a country that most of the rest of the world still wishes to somehow claw their way into. I mean, if all you hear constantly how you’re bad, the worst, how nothing anyone does is ever enough (global warming! pandemic! homophobia! sexism! racism! school shootings! drought and famine! never dare have a second of joy or a steak or drink in a plastic bottle lest the world ends!), constantly being told we’re all headed for certain ruin basically tomorrow, all of it really messes people up, especially young people.

    I wish we could somehow go back to focusing on the grass in our back yards, on watching movies with our families, on having coffee or lunch with local friends, on voting in the local elections that affect our day-to-day lives in really tangible ways. There is such a thing as the problems of the world being too large, and something that no private citizen should be made to feel guilty of causing, or guilty of not solving through self-sacrifice.

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    1. God, so true. I’m by nature incapable of existing in gloomy environments. I enjoy life, and I’m very unwilling to apologize for it. We each get only one life. It doesn’t help anybody if we spend it wringing our hands over the world’s imperfections.

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    2. “perpetual doom and gloom oozing from every progressive corner of the web”

      Leftists/progressives are largely about relieving suffering… so to have any purpose in life there needs to be suffering for them to relieve.

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      1. One wonders why they can’t turn their efforts to… the opioid epidemic? Yemen? Disaster relief in St. Vincent? Central America? Syria? The Congo? Ethiopia/Eritrea?

        Surely there are enough real crises out there, that they don’t have to invent a zombie Christian fundamentalist Nazi army invasion?

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        1. “why they can’t turn their efforts to… the opioid epidemic?”
          Mostly affecting those they already hate…

          “Yemen? Disaster relief in St. Vincent? Syria? The Congo? Ethiopia/Eritrea?”

          Most of those are hard to understand without easy solutions.

          “Central America? ”

          The left’s solution seems to be open borders!

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  2. We have witnessed this phenomena on a personal level with very painful repercussions. It’s really hard when a parent is a self-described progressive who hates Christians and constantly rams that hatred and bitterness toward their child and grandchild. Worse, that parent rammed that hatred down the throat of their significant other of 20 years until he left. Then she blamed it all on him for abandoning her. Progressivism is a toxic mentality that poisons the soul. Unfortunately, I had to ask her to stop contacting me. I can’t handle her constant criticism of my faith and personhood. I extend grace in the form of not arguing back. I don’t want to fight. But the pain from her venom can no longer be tolerated.

    The real question is: why are they so unhappy? At least when Obama was elected they were smug and self-satisfied for a while. Although I admit, they did still go around shooting survivors…


  3. It seems a lot of “average” type folks are now experiencing what a lot of us social misfits, outcasts, and underdogs had to endure our whole lives at the hands of “normal society” and the xenophobic notions of the “normals” who were always ready to have us committed to state mental institutions for the high crime of being “weird” or simply “eccentric”, the notion being that folks like us are “probably psycho” and “possibly dangerous to ourselves and others”.

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  4. The “new normals” are now making a lot of what used to be the standard lifestyles and belief systems “heretical”, and thus subject to the kind of exclusionism and persecution once reserved for the misfits, mentally ill, and rebellious maverick types.

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    1. Exactly! I was a total misfit all throughout last spring and summer when I would tear off yellow tape and let my kid play on the locked down playgrounds. Suddenly, a mother who takes her kid outside to play instead of marinating her in front of a screen was an evildoer. We also had forbidden picnics and playdates. Weird how such a wholesome activity was deemed beyond the pail while keeping 5-year-olds in Zoom school for 6 hours a day was considered commendable behavior.


  5. My guess-explanation for all the misery from the “winners”?

    They stole the election, and they know it.

    They know we know it.

    They know that Covid-19 was not just a whoopsie by Mother Nature.

    They know we know it.

    They know that if even one state such as Arizona is demonstrated convincingly to have been stolen for Biden by substantial election fraud, their entire precious Narrative starts to unravel, and the legitimacy of this entire regime starts to collapse.

    They know that if SARS-CoV-2 is demonstrated convincingly to have been an artificially enhanced virus that was released from a Chinese laboratory, all sorts of things in their precious Narrative will start to disintegrate.

    They know — in the bottom of their squirmy little hearts — that their desired policies are awful. In a few short months, Biden’s handlers have set the Middle East on fire after Trump had achieved historic peace accords, and they’ve generated Jimmy Carter-vintage gasoline lines after Trump had achieved energy independence. And it’s only May! Just imagine what Biden’s handlers will have ‘achieved’ by September!

    They know that they don’t have the brains or the guts to kill or silence us all.

    They know that they’ve got an excellent chance of ending their careers the same way that the dictators of Romania did.

    And that knowledge is driving them to full-on crazy misery.

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