My Jewish great-granfather had a brother who emigrated after the revolution of 1917 and ended up in Peru.

Now his Peruvian great-granddaughter keeps borrowing keys from me in the online game we are both playing, and this absolutely blows my mind.

7 thoughts on “Globalization

    1. In the game, you need a number of keys to be able to submit your design. You can earn keys by judging other people’s designs. Or you can borrow them from Facebook friends who are also playing the game.


    1. We knew that one brother went to London, another to Palestine, and another to South America. We found all of them (or their descendants) after 1990. The last name is unusual enough, so it worked.

      And they are in Uruguay, not Peru. I had a brain glitch when I wrote the post. We had run into people with the same last name who weren’t related but it was easy to establish if they were out relatives because it’s such a small village the brothers cake from, plus the details about the professions and the names coincided.


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