Who Is Pro-screen Time?

Notice who is posting this garbage. It’s the same people who tell us we’ll own nothing, they’ll own everything, and we’ll eat bugs, live in pods staring at screens and having no human contact – and we’ll love it.

12 thoughts on “Who Is Pro-screen Time?

  1. Screen time divorces humanity from connection, relationship and love. I noticed a few years ago that the relationships on social media were not real. Those people don’t care about me. Worse–when Covid hit, I realized the people at my own church didn’t care about me either. Screen time is destroying society. We have roving bands of children in my neighborhood walking around with “screens” and whose parents are on “screens” and neglecting them. My son is 12 and is not even allowed a cell phone. He is forced to play outside and we go fishing and bike riding together as much as possible. But there is a roving gang of kids in the neighborhood that keeps picking on him. Last week they pulled a gun on him (they are 12-14) and stole his bike. We called the police. Now there are legitimate death threats against him and the friend he was with. His friends parent found the parent of the kid whole stole the bike and called him. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Not all parenting fails can be blamed on screens–but they do feed selfishness and parental neglect. In my humble opinion… Now my son isn’t safe to ride his bike around the neighborhood and we had to get a restraining order. Screw the WEF!

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    1. Yikes! One of the downsides of our budget-friendly rural neighborhood is that we do not feel OK letting the kids bike around unsupervised, because of the drug dealers 😦 It’s not a big neighborhood, but there have been two meth-lab fires in less than two years, and the dealers walk up and down our road once or twice a day to meet up with customers along the main road.

      Even without screen, there are a lot of things you just can’t control.

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      1. Yes, some of our neighbors escaped the meth labs in the smaller rural towns and are really strident about keeping the neighborhood drug free. We have this little community of people who want to help each other and work together to stay safe. It’s quite wonderful. I want to move and live there. Meth is a real problem in small towns. Addition is a horror. Christ is the only answer. I write about this frequently having overcome food addiction.

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  2. The study didn’t even say what the Tweet claims it said. The researchers were looking whether the association between screen time and problems for teens had gotten stronger than it used to be. Broadly speaking, the result was that the association was not stronger than it used to be, but the association, especially for social media, was still there, about as strong as it had been in the past. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/2167702621994549


  3. How blatant can the WEF propaganda be? They really take us for fools, don’t they?

    Meanwhile, after 15 months of remote schooling (as a teacher I refuse to call it learning), here in Italy self-harming incidents among school-age teenagers have increased over 200-fold (data released this morning). To combat this the government has decreed the hiring of 1 psychologist every 100,000 inhabitants, though what good that will do is highly debatable.


    1. Absolutely shameless.

      I wonder how the psychologists are planning to interact with these kids. On a screen or finally in person?

      These bastards.


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