Israel Demands

OK, stop evictions, definitely. I finally read up on these evictions, and they are utterly insane. Lower tensions, fine, although nobody understands what that means because it’s vague. But cancel the parade is ludicrous.

This is typical of the Biden administration. It starts with saying something eminently reasonable, then proceeds to drown it in a sea of vague, meaningless verbiage, and then culminates with something completely nuts. In the end, nothing gets done because the reasonable part of the conversation has been erased by the crazy part.

6 thoughts on “Israel Demands

  1. Biden also repeated the mantra for the mythical “two-state solution” that has supposedly been everybody’s goal for decades.

    It’s OBVIOUS by now that Israel’s unstated but ultimate goal is to annex most of the West Bank, rendering the creation of an independent Palestinian nation impossible because there won’t be any appreciable land left to give them.

    The Palestinians had their chances on several historical occasions to accept an independent state in U.S.-brokered deals that the Israeli government had agreed to — but the Palestinians’ incompetent, corrupt “leadership” walked away every time because Arafat and Abbas knew they’d be assassinated by their own militants if they formally accepted the existence of Israel.

    Now it’s too late. Unless some external force (Biden?? the U.N.?? Hahahah…) physically compels Israel to uproot existing settlements to free up land, the two-state solution is dead. R.I.P.

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  2. (I think I put my email where name is supposed to me by mistake, so please don’t publish the comment currently in moderation.)

    Jerusalem day is a major national holiday, celebrated by Israeli mainstream rather than by ominous-sounding ‘Israeli nationalists.’

    For 2000 years Jews prayed ‘next year in Jerusalem’ and in 1967 it finally became a reality.

    There is an iconic photo of paratroopers at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem which appears in every textbook (see below).

    Imagine ordering Americans in the 1800-1950 ies not to celebrate Columbus day, Thanksgiving or the American founders since only American ‘nationalists’ would think of doing that.

    The funny thing is that this document implies being a nationalist is a bad, shameful thing.

    It is shameful to NOT be one in Israel … as had been in US just a few decades ago.

    I am truly sorry they added Jerusalem day bit in their document. Our Israeli right will react to it as a bull to red clothes, and a future right-wing government will ignore the entire document. Sorry, not ignore unfortunately but use as a proof of American antisemitism.

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    1. Of course, these are people whose only goal is to destroy the nation-state, so it’s not surprising.

      In any case, the demand to cancel the parade shows that they aren’t acting in good faith and don’t want to solve the conflict. It’s obvious to anybody with an ounce of brain matter that canceling the parade will lead to more ludicrous demands of the same kind and so on. This is what you do if you want to make the conflict burn harder.


  3. Re Lower tensions on the Temple Mount:


    In an unprecedented move, Muslim worshipers on Friday expelled Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem Sheikh Mohammed Hussein from al-Aqsa Mosque and prevented him from completing his sermon.
    The protesters shouted slogans in support of Hamas and denounced Hussein for his affiliation with the Palestinian Authority.

    “We are the men of Mohammed Deif,” hundreds of angry worshipers shouted as bodyguards whisked the mufti away from the mosque.
    Deif is the supreme commander of Hamas’s military wing, Izzadin al-Qassam Brigades.
    Other worshipers shouted: “Go away, go away, we don’t want to see the dogs of the Palestinian Authority.”

    The incident came shortly after tens of thousands of Palestinians celebrated at al-Aqsa Mosque compound what they called Hamas’s “victory” against Israel during the last round of fighting.
    At the end of the celebration, dozens of youths threw rocks and petrol bombs at police officers, who entered the compound and responded with rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades.
    Palestinian medics said at least 20 people were injured during the clashes.

    More here:


    Israel reopens Temple Mount to Jewish visitors after 20 days
    Decision comes as ceasefire with Gaza terror groups enters third day; Waqf says police escorted more than 120 Jews to the site, clearing Palestinians under 45 from area; Israeli police denies age restriction, says 5 arrested for breach of peace

    The Waqf said Sunday it was the first time Jews had been allowed to visit the site since May 4, almost exactly a week before a 12-day war broke out between Israel and Palestinian terror groups in Gaza.

    A short time after its reopening Sunday, images began circulating on social media showing right-wing Israeli activists at the site alongside captions claiming they pictured armed Jews preparing to invade the al-Aqsa compound.

    Israeli police had briefly clashed with Palestinian protesters after Friday prayers in an early test of the truce to end the fighting that had taken effect hours earlier.

    The al-Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest site in Islam. It is built atop the remains of the ancient Jewish temples and is the holiest site in Judaism. As part of a decades-long agreement with the Waqf, Jews are allowed to visit but not pray there.

    In recent years, increasing numbers of religious and nationalist Jews have visited the site. The Israeli government has repeatedly said it has no intention of changing the status quo, under which the Waqf oversees the site under Jordanian custodianship.

    The decision to reopen the site to Jewish visitors was praised by the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, an Israeli organization that works to end what it calls the “unconscionable discrimination” that prevents Jews from praying at the site.

    The foundation’s CEO Tom Nisani said Sunday: “This is a very important morning that serves to save some of the national honor of the people of Israel. Opening the mount is good news.”

    Nisani also urged the government to completely end the Waqf’s administrative powers on the Temple Mount, “to open it to Jews around the clock and from all its gates with complete freedom of movement and worship, and to stop surrendering to Hamas’ threats that only lead to more terrorist acts.”


  4. Regarding the flag parade, I think you miss some context. From wiki:

    “One of the celebrations marking Jerusalem Day is a youth parade with flags known as Rikud Hadegalim (translated as “Dance of the flags”), which begins at Gan Sacher, winds through the streets of downtown Jerusalem, threads through the old city and ends with a gathering for a final prayer at the Western Wall. The parade is controversial, and violent interactions have been reported between Arabs and Israeli youth during the procession.

    In May 2015, the Israeli High Court of Justice rejected a petition to prevent the Jerusalem Day parade from marching through the Muslim sector of the city. The justices said, however, that police must arrest parade participants who shout racist and violent epithets such as “Death to the Arabs!” or commit violent acts.”

    Btw, English wiki says “The parade is controversial” but doesn’t clarify for whom. I guess Americans and our Palestinian friends.


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