Outsourced Brains

So you know how everybody always wonders who those people are that sit in their cars alone wearing masks?

I spoke to somebody – a retired college professor – who told me that she recently “misbehaved” by pulling her mask down in the car. It was so hot that the mask was really getting in the way. She felt bad about it but felt she had to do it to continue driving safely. Obviously, this means she always drives in a mask.

But get this. As this person told me this, we were both unmasked, sitting together in a cafe. As we said goodbye, she insisted on giving me a hug. She knows I’m unvaccinated and always unmasked.

I have a feeling that people have completely outsourced their decision-making capacity to the CNN and WashPo. It’s obvious that you are more likely to get infected from a live person you sit next to for 3 hours in a small room than from being alone in a car. This cannot be in dispute.

I just find it very disturbing. It’s one thing when a person washes hands obsessively to get rid of germs. And it’s a completely different thing when she obsessively draws balloons everywhere to get rid of germs.

4 thoughts on “Outsourced Brains

  1. I went shopping yesterday at a grocery store that only recently lifted its mask mandate. (I’d avoided it for the last year in favor of another store with higher prices and less selection, but no mask mandate.) Now that mask wearing is optional, it’s interesting to see who wears them and who doesn’t. I saw middle-aged and elderly people going maskless, and healthy, athletic-looking young people wearing them. There seems to be a large discrepancy in how well-informed people are about the actual risks of Covid, as opposed to the overblown claims of the scaremongers.


      1. When I see young, obviously healthy adults wearing masks (especially outdoors!), I usually assume that they’re either ignorant or virtue-signaling, and I shrug it off. But when I see young, obviously healthy adults forcing their small children to wear masks, I get pissed off. That’s child abuse.

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  2. This week in the UK the government issued “guidance” concerning a few towns with high rates of Covid incidence, to the effect that “please avoid indoor gatherings or travelling if you can”.

    Cue a gang of doctors and academics clamouring that the government wasn’t being “clear” and how were the plebs supposed to know what they were supposed to do unless the government banned indoor gatherings under threat of a fine for hundreds of pounds.

    (Luckily, instead of listening to them, the government simply withdrew the guidance. I guess BoJo might be starting to grow a backbone).

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