Inner Woke-scold

The self-righteous responses that greeted Kamala Harris’s tweet referring to the Memorial Day weekend as “a long weekend” shows that there’s a smug little woke-scold living inside everyone. Squash your own little woke-scold before whining about the stupidity of the wokesters.

It’s truly saddening to see the same people who mock the soy boy sensitivity of the leftist crowd going “ooh, this tweet from a mean lady hurt my tender fee-fees.”

Many people pretend to fight wokeness when in reality all they want is to become the next wokester.

One thought on “Inner Woke-scold

  1. I agree! Harris’ clueless tweet wasn’t insulting or demeaning or “hurtful” to anyone — just politically very stupid for a politician in her position.

    Did you see all the cable news journalists making a big newsworthy event about how fast Biden can gobble down ice cream, and they wondered how he manages that…It’s because he doesn’t have to worry about BRAIN FREEZE! 🙂

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