Eating Bugs

Can anybody explain why one in 10 tweets in my timeline is about the joys of eating insects? Why is there such an enormous propaganda campaign about this? Is the next “accidental” virus going to be explained as coming from a bug?

21 thoughts on “Eating Bugs

    1. What’s the connection between something existing in large quantities and the need to eat it? Many people live in areas where there’s a lot of sand but they aren’t eating it.


  1. The “You’ll eat bugs and be happy” narrative has been going on for a few years…. They’re obviously planning/testing something.
    My two best guesses are:
    Plans are being made to shut down lots of other food production in the name of climate concerns or some damn thing or other and there won’t be much choice. Vegan industrial plant slurry or bugs it is!
    They’re just messing with us seeing how much resistance the idea generates. While it’s not generating any enthusiasm from most people it’s not generating outright negative reactions either (which is not a good sign).

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    1. It’s definitely been in circulation for a few years but right now the push has become really hard. I’m starting to get a feeling that the WEF crowd is placing bets to see what kind of degrading insanity they can push the stupid proles to do.

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  2. Reply to Eating Bugs

    I have been reading about insects as food for years. The fear of many people seems to be that, with poor soil management worldwwide, food will become scarce and expensive at some point. Insects are nutritious and are likely to be readily available for a long time.

    Crickets and grasshoppers seem to be popular food in some locales. I tried them the first time I was in Southern Mexico. I did not care for them. but some of the people from the USA did, and they were popular with the Mexican students.


  3. All part of the Great Reset and the climate change agenda. You’ll own nothing, you’ll like it, just like you’ll like your cicada burgers.

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  4. This stuff is on Blues Clues now. Bizarre. Pride has become the new big holiday for the Woke religion.

    There are obvious reasons it’s vile to have this stuff on children’s television that I don’t feel I need to elaborate on. But one thing I notice with all this woke stuff is how UGLY it is. I genuinely think this is part of the package; the ugliness is part of the ideology. What do you think?

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    1. Pride is not my scene, obviously, but I had no idea it was so incredibly tedious. By “5 by 5” I started dozing off from the sameness of the flags, the message, the imagery. The original song – even though it’s aimed at the toddler crowd – is actually more complex and interesting than this.

      It’s a suffocatingly boring bourgeois sensibility that sucks the life out of everything.

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      1. I’ve never really thought of When Johnny Comes Marching Home as a toddler song but it is undeniably better than this garbage.


          1. “Ants go marching” borrows its tune from “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”… which borrowed the tune from some 19th century drinking song called “Johnny Fill up the Bowl” that nobody remembers now, and that one probably borrowed it from something else. “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye” uses the same tune as well. Probably there are dozens of others. It is only in the days of modern recording and copyrighting that we feel tunes are sacrosanct and can only be used once.

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  5. I have noticed this too, and it definitely has an elite social-engineering flavor to it, but I am not sure of the exact motivations or the most important promoters. I can see an elite motivation along the lines of feeding a crowded planet – perhaps farm animals need too much land – and then it can tie in to a potentially progressive motivation like horror at meat-eating. But I don’t know which organizations are the biggest force behind this.

    There was a story on Australian TV just last night about eating mealworms, and I see that the EU recently approved this, its first insect-as-food, in May. So that would be part of why we’re hearing about it now.

    In the past, I also noticed that when the Economist tried to sell subscriptions at my alma mater, their stall offered something like “insect ice cream”.


    1. ” I can see an elite motivation along the lines of feeding a crowded planet ”

      At this stage “elites” can tell me that 2+2=4 or the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and I’m going to want independent confirmation.
      The common thread of everything gone wrong in the last 14 or so years is elite failure (not being up the job while avoiding consequences for their terrible choices and policies).
      The elite do not want to ‘feed’ a crowded planet. They want to reinforce their status and have decided to accomplish that by deliberately impoverishing as many as they can.

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    2. The weird thing, though, is that this isn’t promoted among the people who do suffer from food shortages. This is heavily promoted in opulent societies that suffer from food over-production and over-consumption.

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  6. As I read this, I’m listening to Yeonmi Park being interviewed about her life in North Korea, where starvation is the leading cause of death, life expectancies are appallingly low, and where Yeonmi, who is 5’2″, was taller than average. As a little girl she and her sister would go out into the fields to hunt grasshoppers and dragonflies, which were their primary source of food. Are progressives trying to create a North Korea-style paradise here in the West?


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