Depopulation Talk

Everything has been back to normal around here for months except for kid-related stuff. Toddlers still need to wear masks in daycare. Indoor children’s activities are still closed.

And most ridiculously of all, the outdoor splash pad still gets sanitized every 90 minutes for a whole half hour. It’s outside! There’s water everywhere! The sun is shining! The attendees are all kids and their non-ancient parents.

It bugs me beyond all measure when clearly stupid things like these are done. There is zero risk of COVID on that splash pad. Why are we doing this?

People are fearful of depopulation strategies being baked into COVID mitigation and you can see why. Parents of small children have been really mistreated for absolutely no reason during this pandemic. A lot more effort is being put into “protecting” 5-year-olds from the COVID that they neither get nor transmit than the frail elderly who do die of it. One’s experience of the pandemic is dramatically worse if one has small kids. This whole thing has been one long, undeserved punishment for parents. Is it so surprising that people are noticing and looking for an explanation?

3 thoughts on “Depopulation Talk

  1. That’s really discouraging. Splash pads use so much chlorine anyway, I can’t imagine what all the sanitizing is for, except to make a show of “doing something”. I mean, splash pads are gross, because kids + constantly recycled water = gallons of urine and all. But COVID? That’s like going swimming in a freshwater pond full of alligators and being chiefly worried about… shark attacks.

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  2. I can see sanitizing once per day, after everyone has left — that just makes sense, to prevent mold and things otherwise resistant to chlorine and shock treatments. Probably a good idea in the morning, too, before it opens. Otherwise, there’s no sense in doing it unless you know a kid has thrown up or bled all over or gone to the bathroom on the splash pad. And even then, I doubt it would need a full deep cleaning cycle to clean up — the exception might be if there was a lot of body fluid everywhere, as that might actually need a heck of a lot of bleach.


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