Blackface Psychiatrist

The funniest thing about the racist psychiatrist at Yale who fantasizes about murdering white people is that she’s white. Everywhere else on the planet she’s undoubtedly white. It’s only in the US that it’s considered cute for somebody very well-off and fortunate like her to play blackface.

6 thoughts on “Blackface Psychiatrist

  1. She looks Hindu to me. Not black for sure. I know many first generation Indian Americans and the one thing that many of them have in common is that they hate being brown. I think this explains her particular hate for white blond women. Just resentment speaking I think.

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    1. These vultures, feeding off the oppressions of other people to further their careers.

      Many such cases!


  2. I am wondering, have you read her interview with Katie Herzog on Bari Weiss?

    I suspect you might actually agree with a lot of things, once you get over her fantasy of shooting whites with a revolver and the injustice of white people not being allowed to say such things…

    Some things that resonated with me:

    Conservatives being psychologically healthier and more in touch with their feelings… (this does not necessarily make them objectively right)

    Then this (this clearly applies much more to liberals than to conservatives): “White people love talking about race right now. You cannot get them to shut the fuck up. It makes them feel good. And, they also imagine it makes us feel good to see their true enlightenment. Talking about racism is a form of self-congratulatory masturbation. White people exchange pleasantries, without really addressing racism. It serves no purpose in connecting other than to jerk themselves off.”

    Even her cutting off most of her white friends… (Which again, I strongly suspect, were mostly ultra-progressive white friends, based on where she went to school and such.) See, if she were my friend at some point, I’d distance from her first, due to things she is saying. Maybe not completely, because by this very message I am indicating that I kind of understand where she is coming from, but I’d definitely distance somewhat. Call it “defensiveness” if you like. But if I did not have healthy psychological boundaries, I’d indeed try repeatedly proving to Aruna that I am not a racist… So frankly, if I’d be Aruna, I’d cut valter07 off at that point. Not because valter07 actually is a “racist”, but because he clearly does not have healthy boundaries, and who knows how this would manifest in the rest of our relationship. Or where else would valter07 decide to engage in “self-congratulatory masturbation”…

    And in the above context, talking to white people about race is indeed a waste of time and can suck one’s soul out… Essentially, just assume that she does not have much experience with “white people” other than “white who think they are progressive” and is therefore confusing these two manifolds, and you may even love her…


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