Ramen Salad

Have you, folks, heard of the tradition of putting dry ramen noodles into a lettuce salad? By dry I mean really dry, straight out of a package. Is it a regional thing?

I could go for some hot slurpy ramen noodles about now.

9 thoughts on “Ramen Salad

  1. Is that the dry ones that come in the plastic package and cost a quarter at the supermarket? That actually sounds kind of gross, this coming from someone who loves the spicy Korean ramen noodles that come with powdered kimchi.


  2. I went through a ramen stage a long time ago (thank you, Tampopo!) and obsessively tried different types from different Asiagn grocery stores.
    The best (in my experience) were a Taiwanese brand (I forget which) and Thai roasted ramen which could be nibbled as a snack…

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            1. I do a salad with either chopped cabbage or bok choy, green onions, sesame and sunflower seeds, and ramen, with a dressing of soy sauce, oil, and vinegar plus the flavour packet. It’s quite popular for potlucks – and yes, possibly regional.


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