Low-hanging Fruit

“What’s weird,” said a colleague coming into my office, “is that at the end of each fiscal year we run out of money and end up not being able to pay our bills, begging for extensions, and borrowing from other departments. But this year, we paid everything and still have a lot of money left. I wonder what changed.”

“Yes, what could it be?” I said.

The really funny thing is that all of the stuff I’ve done as Chair has been extraordinarily easy. This recent project of getting a low-wage worker a higher salary and backpay, for instance, literally took under half an hour of effort on my part. Getting the book money for everybody – twenty minutes. Setting everybody up with a new printer – an hour.

I’ve been here for 12 years and there was never a red cent to buy anybody a book. And now we are so flush with cash that everybody got the books they wanted and there’s money for more. I’m practically begging people to ask me for more stuff. Technology, iPads, films, anything you want. It was all there this whole time but nobody bothered to grab it.

3 thoughts on “Low-hanging Fruit

  1. Who would possibly downvote this post? 🤣 Someone is either sour about not having a book budget or is boycotting you on the back or your other posts.

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    1. People get really upset when you say something was easy. If something works, it should supposed to be a result of very hard effort. You should fall down and get up many times, struggle and persevere.

      The idea that work can be easy and enjoyable is intolerable.


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