A New Wave

If you read in Spanish, I highly recommend a book-length essay España by Santiago Alba Rico. He is a Spanish writer who was very leftist but recently realized what an absolute ass it made him.

The essay is beautifully written and says extremely important things. I’m telling you, folks, there’s an enormous anti-leftist (meaning, anti-neoliberal) awakening in Spain right now. Maybe in other European countries, too?

Alba Rico’s book speaks in support of patriotism, rootedness, family, reading good books, and rejecting the inane moralizing of the left. He says the left has brought back the Statutes of Blood Purity, and he’s right.

3 thoughts on “A New Wave

  1. These recent posts of yours have me wishing that I had kept up my Spanish (I was reading Marquez in Spanish as a senior in high school, although slowly and with help from a dictionary). The current landscape of serious literature in English is a wasteland. It sounds like Spanish language literature is much more alive.

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    1. There’s a fascinating debate going on in Spain about the evils of woke mentality. The best thing is that it isn’t just “wokeness bad!” People are offering real alternatives. The debate goes deep.

      The reason why Spain is different in this respect is that there’s a longstanding Hispanic tradition where the work that in the US is done by people like Nicholas Kristoff, David Brooks, and Michelle Goldberg is done by famous writers and philosophers. These are people who don’t depend for their living on the salary they get from the Spanish version of the NYTimes and who, by definition, are smarter and freer than Charles Blow. So they can say things openly without trying to please a bunch of eager wokesters.


      1. “reason why Spain is different in this respect is ”

        I’d add my usual hobby horse – despite (because of) it’s marginal status as a ‘European’ country and despite some strong traditionalist vibes, Spain is very often ahead of the curve and things that affect Europe (or the world) often seem to get going there first.


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