Don’t Outsource

The reason why I’m so certain of the things I say about COVID is because I put in the work. I practically picked up a new career in a field that I have no interest in. I read and read and read, dragging myself through forests of incomprehensible jargon. As a result, I can know and not guess.

A new study just came out showing that HCQ+AZM dramatically improve the chances of COVID patients on ventilators. Just as I’ve been saying since October. HCQ+AZM work. I had to find out because I needed to know what treatment to insist on if I caught it in a serious form. I read dozens of clinicians who were using the HCQ+AZM protocols. And then I knew.

So it annoys me when people say “your guess is as good as mine.” No, it’s not. Unless you invested at least half as much time into studying it as I did.

First, people outsource the control over the information they consume to the NYTimes, and then they get upset with those of us who didn’t.

17 thoughts on “Don’t Outsource

  1. “But… the experts!”

    The problem, of course, is that most people don’t have the time, motivation or focus to do this. So when you do have the time and focus to do it, people assume you are full of crap, because they couldn’t do it.

    This is a big part of why I stopped going to doctors: they are generalists, but they didn’t know anything about my particular life-crapifying medical condition which I had become an expert on, and when I tried to educate them about it, they did that eye-rolling “Oh crap, another patient who’s been consulting Dr. Google” routine. After ten years, I was finally able to walk into a doc’s office, list my symptoms and history, tell the doc “I think I have xyz” and immediately get a diagnosis without all the dominance posturing: she was like “Yep, that’s definitely xyz”. But she still didn’t know how to treat xyz.

    I ended up using the reams of research I’d read to come up with my own wildly successful treatment plan (I should never have been able to get pregnant: I have three beautiful healthy children). And I STILL can’t talk about this outside my family+, because even with the visible results, normal people reflexively go “no, that can’t be true– probably you were mistaken about the original problem.” And the kicker? Now, fifteen years later, the treatment plan I used to put my disease into remission is now becoming a mainstream treatment recommended by doctors for my condition. That wasn’t because I’m some kind of genius–I’m not– it’s just that it was an obvious thing to try, for anyone who’d read (obsessively, and to the exclusion of things like having a social life) the available literature.

    +My family, of course, has known me my whole life, seen my results, and they delegate me to research their gnarly technical problems.

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    1. It’s really great that you stood strong and didn’t give in to this gaslighting. The thing to remember is that ultimately the responsibility for our own bodies, our own lives is our own individual business. Everybody will live with the consequences on their own. It’s sad but it’s a fact.

      My sister’s mother-in-law used traditional medicine from her country to reverse breast cancer. Everybody laughed and bullied her. I was a sceptic, too. But ultimately, it’s her body, her life. She chose not to get surgery / chemo. And it worked. The doctors had to recognize that they didn’t understand the mechanism of what happened.

      It’s extremely boring and tiresome to do all this research. Sometimes, I almost cried because I didn’t understand the terminology and my brain hurt from trying to figure it out. But I did it and I won’t be gaslit into thinking that it didn’t happen.

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      1. I’m extremely glad I did, but the gaslighting still ticks me off. I do this with every medical decision I have to make– I take the “informed” part of informed consent very seriously! And doctors hate this.

        And yeah, I’ve been there. Back when I needed to understand my condition, in the most desperate way, I spent months trying to understand methylation cycles, because it kept popping up in the literature. I now probably know more about them than most doctors, but that’s not saying much: it’s so arcane that there are like five biochemists in the whole world who can really claim to understand it. Luckily, that turned out not to be the most important angle for what I was studying. I may have cried over it a bit at the time.

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      2. “The thing to remember is that ultimately the responsibility for our own bodies, our own lives is our own individual business. Everybody will live with the consequences on their own.”

        I 100% agree with this. That’s part of the reason why this COVID vaccine business completely ticks me off. I am especially upset at people who insinuate that I should vaccinate my child to stop the community spread. My first and foremost responsibility is to my child and to myself. I am the one who will be living with the consequences of these decisions. If my child suffers as a result of getting (or not getting) the vaccine, that is on me. None of those people will be there for me to take care of my child, to pay my medical bills, or otherwise bear any potential long term consequences of such decisions. Other people have responsibility for their own health. They are welcome to take the vaccine if they want to and to otherwise improve their chance of lowering the risk of the infection. The information about the treatment, prevention, and co-morbidities is out there and easily found.

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        1. I feel the same way about randos who want to tell me how to raise my own kids when it comes to every imaginable parenting decision… Like seriously: are you going to be responsible for the consequences? What’s your stake in the upbringing of my kids? How much investment have you got at risk, compared to me?

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    2. Not to be too nosey, but have you shared with other infertile women this treatment? I know several women who would benefit.

      My son’s endocrinologist tries to gaslight us. I’m not sure why they do this. Is it arrogance? Is it that they accept too much intervention from pharmaceutical companies? I am opting out of any further vaccines for my auto-immune impaired son and the medical establishment treats me like a stupid person. But I’ve read science that contradicts their “pharma-based” narrative. We have found true hope and healing through holistic medicine. I believe you and 3 babies is amazing!

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      1. I have tried, and the response I universally get when I say “I had that for ten years and here’s what I did to put it into permanent remission” is… discomfort and embarrassment, looking around at anything but me, pause, fidget, and then they cut me off with some variation on “oh, my doctor already put me on these zillion expensive drugs, and we’ll know in six months if it’s working… I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. I must have a more severe case than you did. If it could be cured with diet and lifestyle changes, I’m sure that’s what he would have recommended.”

        It’s like when we were six-year-olds playing “My Daddy is bigger than your Daddy” but with more psychological baggage and covert hostility.

        And why, after all should anyone take my word for it over her doctor’s? I’ve stopped trying to help anyone who didn’t specifically ask me for advice. If you ask me, I’ll data-dump on you with everything I know. Otherwise, I stop at “I had that, I beat it on my own, and we’ve had no trouble getting pregnant.” And bite my tongue very hard while they gripe about the side-effects from their metformin, clomid, etc.

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      2. …and just FYI, I’m not embarrassed to talk about it or anything, but since it falls under “girl problems” I was trying to be nice and not totally hijack Clarissa’s blog with the gory details. We like the gentlemen here, and we don’t want to scare them all off 😉

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  2. What has boggled my mind over the past year or so is what a thorough job the media (especially social media) have done at censoring any contrary views on anything to do with Covid — masks, lockdowns, distancing, vaccines, whatever — to the point where multitudes of seemingly intelligent people are unaware that there are any experts who dissent from the prevailing narrative. Anytime I point out that there are plenty of public health experts who say masking is worthless and lockdowns are counterproductive and vaccines have risks, people roll their eyes and wonder what loony bin I escaped from. They have never heard the dissidents, thanks to media censorship, so they have no idea that dissidents even exist.


    1. Personally speaking – I think people believe what they want to believe and this drives their curiosity. For the most part – people are comfortable in their own worldview/narrative and content to think of themselves as “normal” or maybe even “a hero” of their own story. They think so much about themselves and their comfort and little about how their decisions/believe system affects others. They can’t imagine a world where all their freedoms and comforts are removed because they haven’t studied history–the personal stories of those impacted by horrors. This is why I love the perspective on this blog–someone survived, escaped and is now thriving from a communist country. And she is willing to teach us. It’s a gift.

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  3. “I read and read and read”

    I took a far simpler tack. I just started tracking official numbers rather than press reporting of numbers… I made the mistake of watching a few minutes of Sky News (British) the other day and they made it sound as if the sky was falling and there’s an urgent need for new lockdowns and people shouldn’t travel at all….

    So I looked up the numbers and there’s been some increase in raw numbers of positive test results that haven’t translated into increased hospitalization or deaths.

    By the time everyone was panicking about India cases had already peaked and deaths peaked soon after that. It followed the classic 6 week increase, plateau and fall that’s happened in most other places.

    Similarly twitter was publicizing stories about how the olympics have to be cancelled because of a horrible rise in cases in Japan…. where cases peaked a few weeks earlier and the daily death rate is under 100 (for a population of 120 million).

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    1. How, how are people failing to notice, 1,5 years into this cycle, that it all goes in waves? Every new wave in every new place is experienced like the crest of the wave will be there forever. What will it take for people to notice that?

      Another rule that I highly recommend us whenever you hear the word “variant,” turn off the TV, end the conversation, change the topic. You are being duped. Stop listening immediately.

      And before anybody asks how I know, there’s extensive research on the subject of COVID variants. The scientific consensus is that the difference between each variant and the original is so infinitesimally small that you don’t need to worry about them. This is actual science that I personally read. And until I read fresher research that says differently, I’ll stick with this knowledge.

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      1. The problem is, that you are making an assumption. You are assuming that the regular Joe will think this through and come to the logical conclusion. That is not the case. Going by history in general and the last 60 years in particular I can say with complete certainty that the vast majority of people are willing to let others do the thinking for them or at the very least go with it.

        If your waiting for society as a whole to pull its head from the sand your going to be waiting for a very long time. As long as the ones who are shaping the opinion of society as a whole are committed to the lie most people will be willing if not down right eager to believe what they are told. After all if you can’t trust the (experts, scientists, doctors, news media, politicians, fill in the blank here.) Who can you trust to tell the truth?

        And I do say most for a reason, in my observations I figure that probably only about 20% of people think for themselves and form their own opinion. In this case about 10% on each side of the covid scare. Of the remaining 80% I would say roughly 40% are blind followers, I suspect if the media reported tomorrow that the sky was green and what we knew to be blue was not, as long as they had “experts to back them” those 40% would fall in line claiming they always knew this to be true. The other 40% while not blind followers either don’t have enough time or energy to research, or just don’t care. So while they might not blindly follow, they are still susceptible. For example last year those who didn’t really believe in Covid, but still wore the mask, just because everyone else did. They might have realized that they were being lied to, but it wasn’t worth it to them to rock the boat more that mere grumblings.

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        1. “only about 20% of people think for themselves and form their own opinion”

          I was extremely concerned about covid beginning in late January through most of March…. (from reading and listening – though I didn’t see the fake falling people videos until recently) and then as the world stubbornly refused to come to an end and cases stubbornly followed seasonal peaks and falls… I stopped being that concerned by about Easter 2020. I exercised what I feel was reasonable caution during the big waves of the fall and this spring where I live but it never got past that.

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          1. I was following the covid case/death numbers as well as the media narrative till mid-May 2020. I started getting suspicious when Georgia re-opened and there was no change in numbers, but the media narrative continued. That is when I started looking around and doing my own research. What I found changed my worldview completely.

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