What is this if not projection? These people are ascribing their nasty, disgusting feelings to all of us. Never in my life would it occur to me to see some kids as troublemakers because of their race. But of course it’s easier to hide a tree in a forest, so the nasty people who have these feelings try to ascribe them to all of us to feel better about themselves. “Oh, it’s not me who’s racist. It’s everybody!” No, it’s actually you, buddy. You stink.

5 thoughts on “Projection

  1. My mother-in-law is from Jamaica. Her grandchildren fall across the color spectrum. I do not think it has ever occurred to her to provide different colored bandaids to her differently colored grandkids. Here is a useful rule. If you notice the color of the bandaid, you clearly do not need one.


    1. Plus if my friend has green bandaids, clearly the color of my skin must also be green. Or hot pink. Or dark blue with a floral design.


  2. I hate this shit, I live in NJ which is a really blue state and they’re trying to push this crap on the kids. What’s funny is that the schools where I work have mostly children of color and very few white kids, who are either poor or Eastern European immigrants. The kids get along in the lower grades but they start segregating around 4th or 5th grade, then the kids split up into racial groups. So these posters are telling white kids they have privilege, but around here the white kids in public schools are poor or immigrants who are poor who probably don’t feel privileged and this might make them feel resentful

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  3. “What is this if not projection? ”

    Well it also looks a lot like forced (soon to be enforced) Balkanization a la Jugoslavija…. considering how that ended up there’s probably reason for some concern….

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  4. I’m Anglo myself …..and did I feel “privileged” during those years in the 1980s and 1990s when I was stuck hitch-hiking across the country non-stop because I was constantly broke and had nowhere to go—-often going days or weeks without a shower or two or more days with nothing to eat?


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