Emergency Meeting

The CDC has called an emergency meeting on side effects (heart damage) of the COVID “vaccine” in teenagers. Who are at no risk from COVID.

And this is just immediate side effects. Now let’s wait for the long-term effects of this particular medical experiment whose only benefit is a record profit for Pfizer and Moderna.

Before anybody quotes NYTimes at me saying that these side effects are unimportant, please remember that I’m not the one who called this emergency meeting. It was the CDC.

11 thoughts on “Emergency Meeting

  1. The people pushing all this Covid-as-deadly-pandemic nonsense are the same ones who think the world is overpopulated and will end in 12 years (or whatever the current figure is), so if the vaccine kills lots of healthy young people who might otherwise reproduce or contribute to global warming or commit other atrocities, that’s a feature, not a bug.

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    1. Yep. What I don’t get is people who take their kids to be “vaccinated” with this garbage. I know somebody, a very normal person, Trump voter. She’s getting her 14-year-old injected with this stuff. The reason?

      “Well, the school might require it anyway.”

      “But it didn’t!”

      “Well, everybody is doing it, so why not?”

      This is a VERY highly educated, high-earning person. A lifelong Republican.

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  2. So we are talking about 226 cases out of 141 million. Nothing is 100% risk-free, so is your drive to work or shopping.


    1. Are you practicing here the argument you will present when the CDC asks you to testify?

      As I said, I’m not the person who called this emergency meeting.


    2. We are talking about 226 reported cases out of 141 million people vaccinated in total. One can assume the rate of this damage is A) unusually high in the age group we are concerned with, and B) (going by typical results from the reporting process) extremely under-reported. If estimates for reporting rates on other vaccines are true, and about the same for this particular vaccine, we are actually talking about ~22600 cases out of 141 million, with some skewing toward the small minority who are teenagers.


      1. Completely healthy teenagers getting heart inflammation from a medication that THEY DO NOT NEED. One is too many. And apparently even the CDC isn’t finding this a trivial issue either.

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        1. I don’t know if you have seen this, but even Germany has now approved the vaccine only for 12-18 olds with co-morbidities, and does not recommend it for healthy children. Germany is as neo-liberal as it gets, so ….


    3. Based on the documentation available on FDA website, they are talking about 275 reports out of 12,035,651 doses administered in 16-24 age bracket. Keep in mind, as pointed out by others already, that the cases in VAERS are almost certainly under-reported by a factor of 10-100.

      You are welcome to inspect the data for yourself: https://www.fda.gov/media/150054/download


    4. Actually reported cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Only between 1% and 10% of vaccine side effects get reported.

      Giving a preventive medical intervention that carries risks to people not at risk from the thing you are attempting to prevent is insane and criminal.


  3. I read where it affects your major organs. Well, a lady in my church had both her shots. Healthy lady. She died due to heart problems.


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