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This – and many other bad things – is what happens when you vote for a candidate who took record-high donations from the pharmaceutical industry.

4 thoughts on “In the Pocket

  1. This hits my family hard – but the dems will respond by saying “universal healthcare for all and free medicine so it doesn’t really impact you.” Except–since money does not actually grow on trees–they will have to tax the hell out of those who actually pay taxes to pay for those who don’t to get “free” healthcare benefits. The lazy mindset of those who refuse to work infuriates me. And yes, we have family member who collect unemployment and say, “I don’t want to work because it’s a hassle.”

    My husband says, “That’s why they call it work not fun.”

    Dear Dems – stop incentivizing bad behavior.


    1. This is all empty verbiage, though. All these debates about universal healthcare. Nobody ever tries to make it happen. It’s a smoke screen. Just like the debates about college debt cancellation. A distraction tactic.

      In the meantime, diabetics will pay gigantic amounts for insulin.

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  2. I didn’t vote for Biden. As far as I can tell, a majority of actual human beings in the United States didn’t, either. It didn’t matter. The margin of fraud was infinite.

    We are either going to radically and brutally reform the extremely corrupt voting system in the United States, or we will be left with no mechanism for reform that does not involve agony and death.

    The quixotic efforts by a handful of people like Patrick Byrne to resolve this situation peacefully and through the written laws of our society are, I think, the most important things going on in America right now. If those efforts somehow impossibly succeed, then real reform will become possible, because real political debate through honestly held elections will have become possible. If those efforts sadly fail — as, I am sorry to say, seems very likely to me — then we are headed into ‘history’, in James Joyce’s sense: “History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.”


  3. Would we have fared any better from a Trump administration?
    Isn’t it actually the covert “shadow governments” who run “the system” who are actually the ones in control? Who make the ultimate decisions? Who “blueprint” the policies, both present and future?


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